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Metallic Impressions creates (or created) metal cards on many subjects including ST. These cards are made of metal with a gold-colored trim and back. They come in sealed tins, covered with a protective plastic wrap.

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Originally released at the Huntsville Convention in 1996, this card is limited to 15,000. 5,000 were sold at the convention, and some were sold with a mug in Spencer's stores. It comes is a paper envellope and is labeled P1.
The first tin set released in 1996, was the 6-card tin set and featured cards of the main crew.
The next tin, also released as a 30th Anniversary special, was an 20-card tin epiosde set with scenes from popular episodes.
Their last release was a James T. Kirk Distinguished Officer's Set. A 5 card set, it features Kirk from TOS through the movies. Facts and highlights of his career.


Metallic Impressions sell sheet


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