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Star Trek Cards in Non-ST Sets

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Sat Trek Card Sci Fi Valley 2013 Sci Fi Valley Con promo card of Spock.
Star Trek Top Trump card  Top Trump 2009 Movie card. 2 1/2 by 4, cardboard stock. UK based game, not sure of date, though has to be after 2009.
Star Trek Topps 75TH set  December of 2013, Topps released a Topps 75th Anniversary Set It features buy back cards from the 1976 (maybe not??) and 1979 set. These have a gold foil stamp. There is a base card-#65 with a new back. This card comes standard, rainbow foiled, diamond foiled (x/75) and also a glossy version stamped 10/10 on back.
Topps also sold a 1/1 blank backed card (printer's plate).
There is also a buyback of the Gene Roddenbrery card from their American Pie set.
Star Trek Topps 75th sparkle card Sparkle version. (x/75)
Star Trek French Cnema Card Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinema card, 5 x 8, featuring William SHatner. Part of a long running series of cards, according to Ebay, as part of a mail order subscription plan.
Star Trek French ID card Another card from the Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinema set.
Star Trek 2009 French Card  2009 card from the Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinema set.
Star Trek French Card  Montalbahn card from the Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinema set.
Star Trek French Card FC  Three more French Cinema Cards
Star Trek French Card Nemesis   
Star Trek Card Catana  Star Trek Catana board game with some small playing cards (14 different images). (Thanks, Mark)
2011 Topps American Pie 1960s Gene Roddenberry common and foil Card #92 Added also Roddenberry patch card (x/50) and HWF single HWF-13.(Thanks, Genny!!!) Added a Chrome foil version of card #92. LImited to
2011 Family Guy Season 3,4,5 has a Patrick Stewart Trek parody auto sticker card. There is also a Levar Burton auto card, but not as Geordi. (Thanks, Genny!)
The Mego Museum website, gives away free cards on their website forum and encourages trading between members. For a brief period of time, you could get a complete set of the Trek Mego cards by filling out a form, signing up for the newsletter. 6/25/07-Newly released at a Megomeet 2007 Convention, a Trek Card Checklist card.
The back of the Q12 card from the Quotable Atlantis cards has a direct reference to ST IV and the Everybody remember where we parked quote. (Thanks Genny!)

link is to Inkwork's sketch reference section
The new Family Guy card set released April, 2005 has several Trek references in the sketches. The ones I know of for sure are:
John Czop "Ensign Ricky" SK-2 Cards #10-16, 18-20 90 and 105
Joel Gomez SK-7 Cards #11, 133, 196, 205, 296, 327, 504 Feel free to check out Inkwork's website and if I missed any, let me know, so I can add it to the website! Family Guy's press release is here
From Family Guy Season Two, this sketchcard was drawn by Mark Do Santos and shows Stewie as a Borg :)
Stargate's Sg-1 Season Seven card set has an A46 Jolene Blalock as their 2-case incentive card.
Two common cards from Strictly Ink's CSI set, #71 and #73  feature actors who were on ST and this is mentioned in the text on back. (Thanks. Genny!!!)
Mighty Beanz Alien Tram card 33/131 rare CCG card-foiled. Released in 2004 from Genio/SpinMaster. (Thanks, Genny!)
Card #16 from Star Pics Troll Force Ammerrigoround Trollspucci has the slogan "To boldy go where no troll has gone before?" (Thanks, Genny!)
A card game from Canada called Favorite monsters included two Star Trek cards. The cards have a haunted house iamge on the back and are 2 3/4 by 5 3/4. The company is called Waddingtons and was released in 1978. (Thanks, Kevin!)
Farscape III has an insert set with three cards with Trek references on the back. They are: Card #Q26 card #Q31 Card #Q38. (Thanks, DanielDennis, the evil twins! kidding!!!!)
From the third TZ set, there are two cards, S-19 and S-22, insert cards of George Takei and Leonard Nimoy with direct Trek references on the back. (Thanks, Genny!)
The 2002 Topps American Pie II: Spirit of America has two Trek cards...a 76 and 79. Each has a gold foil stamp.They are part of an isnert set called Vintage Entertainment. What Topps did was take 100 of each series and stamp them and isnert them into the packs. There are 100 different 76 and 100 different 79, but each bear the same gold stamp and same number. (29 for the 79 Topps and 28 for the 76 Topps) Follow the image link to the left....I blew up the logo seen in the lower right corner.
Silly Productions, Inc released some cards promoting their Silly CD collection. Card #16 has a minor Trek reference (Thanks, Genny!)
This is a Spock card from a board game called Power Lunch. The game can be ordered direct here.
The cards are from a German card game titled "SPACE BEANS". The deck contains similar cards from: Alien, Star Wars, Babylon 5, 2001, Battlestar Galactic. No copyright info, but parodies don't always have to. (Thanks, Daniel/Dennis)
Xmen common cards 2 and 4 (Stewart and Jenseon) make note of their Trek roles on the backs! (Thanks, Genny!)

Classic Toys card set MEGO Star Trek Phaser Battle Game from 1974 (#40) and MEGO ST Kirk and Spock Action Figures card #16 from 1974

Card no 952 from the White Birches Card Set (Thanks Mark and Frank!)

Though I try not to get too far into actor cards (that have no refrence to Trek), some do, so in honor of our 5th Captain, I offer this card for mthe 1993 Starlog set, card 81.

Starlog (1993)  Patrick Stewart on cover, Starlog #4 Animated Trek, silver hologram of Starlog 1 ST cover, gold mail-in hologram of Starlog 1 ST cover, 5 card mail-in set of ST covers, 4 hologram card sheet, 6 silver hologram sticker sheet

Also, a related set is the Starlog oversized set

Images of a card from a set called Freas Frames - The Art of Frank Kelly Freas. This is the artwork from he picture is the cover art from the DC Comics 1992 Star Trek Annual, a Vulcan scene that Frank Freas drew. The back has text about how he drew it. It is copyright 1993 by Dynacomm Set #1, Card #8 (Thanks, Mark!!!)
Sci-Fi of the 60's This is a set from Funafaz, 1996. THe first set had 4 trek related images, the second set, also in 1994, "60's Sci-Fi and Terror: The Sequel" has 3 trek related images. Limited to a print run of 5,000.
60's Sci-Fi & Terror TV /The Sequel: a few cards are from ST TV show, & all cards have a small picture of Kirk & Spock on back


The Landmark ST Experience (Thanks Frank for sharing the image of his card and Mark for the scan work!)

From Nintendo Power Magazines, ad cards for two TNG games

And here is one for GameBoy *Thanks Dennis*

5x7 ad card for a Sega Genesis TNG game. Back had game details.
From a UFO Trading Cards set by Gail Roanoke. Card #42

Ken Barr "Beast Within' has a fantasy art set that includes a "Sulu's Triumph" card. 
J. Clark Promo Inc. has released several series of Mardi Gras cards based on floats from their parades. This is the third know card with a Trek image (Ent) in the artwork. Krewe of Houmas #3045. (Thanks John!)

J. Clark Promo Inc. Mardi Gras cards produced two different cards with ST images related to Mardi Gras floats. One for 1993 and the other from 1996.

Several of the cards from Twilight Zone have Shatner cards. I will get them all listed shortly, but this card, S1, specifically mentions Star Trek and Captain Kirk! 
There is also a Shatner Auto though no mention of Trek.
These cards were found in boxed sets #3 and #5 of Ackermonster's Classic cards.

Coooool A 1992 Pinnacle 606 card called "The Vulcan Change" Here is the back and front and a blow up of the text.

Three cards from the 1970's. Little else is known except that the person who had them said that there were other cards in the series, like GIlligan's Island, Batman.....

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