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ST Oddball Plastic cards
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Star Trek Card GenCon 2013 Mayfair Games produced this Keycard during Gencon 2013. 2 1/8 by 3 1/2
Star Trek Gift Card Cineplex Gift card. Can be used at theatres to buy snacks and tickets. (that have self-help kiosks)
Star Trek Card Regal  Gift card from Regal Theatres released with the 2013 movie.
   Room key, similar to the below Bally's room key but this one has a Paris logo on back. 
Room card from Las Vegas's Bally Hotel
From Australia, this  2 1/4x3/12 gift card could be used at the movie chain for tickets or snacks. (Thanks Enza!)
Gift card from I Tunes with a WOK image. (Thanks, John!)
Star Trek entertainment card released by Family Video for the release of the movie on DVD. 
Planet Hollywood Room key from 2009.
AMC theatre chain has 4 gift cards you can purchase (each has a $25 value). For a brief time, if you bought all 4 you got a display holder. 2x3.
Las Vegas Hilton Room Key (Thanks, Genny!)

Released in the UK, we are up to 18 different of these cards. The fronts have nice TNG or TOS images, the backs have a white square that has room for a signature.
Columbia House has released a variety of membership cards to encourage people to purchase Trek videos.

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