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Company Information

In 1991, in honor of the 25th Anniversary of ST, Paramount granted the ST trading card licensee to a company called Impel. They produced two card sets, the 25th Anniversary and the 1992 Inaugural ST:TNG. Impel became Skybox and then, FleerSkybox. They held the exclusive license for standard sized ST trading cards for 10 years. This liscense ended in 2000 and now belongs to Rittenhouse Archives.. 


SkyBox Products

I have broken down the SkyBox products into their own pages with details and images. Just use the below menu to visit all the card sets SkyBox put out!

{25th Anniv} {Inagural Edition} {DS9 Boxed Set} {DS9 Premiere Edition} {Master Series I and II} {Making of ST:TNG} {Generations Card Set} {Phase I, II, III} {Voyager Season I and II} {First Contact Set} {DS9 Profiles Set} {Episode Collection 1-7} {Insurrection Set} {TOS Season 1} {TOS Season 2} {TOS Season 3} {Voyager Profiles} {DS9 Memories of the Future} {Voyager Closer to Home} {TNG Profiles} {Cinema 2000} {Misc SkyBox Cards} {TOS Card Game}

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From an Ebay auction, a NZ exclusive S1 promo card sealed with a Generations movie booklet. (Thanks, yankeenz)
They musta had lots of questions to release a press release on how t store your cards ;) 
An uncut shee of unsigned DS9 MOF auto cards was found to have an alternative to the Avery Brooks auto card. The back is the same as the standard Brooks auto card. (Thanks, Dave!)
An auctionne on Ebay revealed lots of redemption cards for sets that either had no redemptions or had a few, but not as many as this pile shows A former employee didn't recall specifically that they printed redemption cards for every auto card, but says it's possible they did.
Found out about a third pog prototye SkyBox created at the same time as the other two prototye cards .These pogs can be found on uncut sheets of the first series of AF cards SkyBox created in 1993.
Set of two protoype pogs made b SkyBox. I don't think SkyBox made the pogs Playmates ended up using, so this must be a test run that failed ;)
A jumbo pack version of the wrapper for Voy 1/1
David Cutler sent me these scans od the *variations* in the dual color costume card from TNG Profiles.
Barbara Anderson married Don Burnett in 1967. I guess after 30 years, she fell into an old habbit while trying to sign these cards ;) Card is embossed with SkyBox stamp.

This info has slipped off the pages, so I'm readding it now in honor of Sean, the newest member of the Promo Geek Club ;)

Remember that the CInema Collection Ad cards all have their own *code* in the corner identifying what series of cards it came in, meaning you'd need one from each series to have a *complete set*.

TNG Season III E395 Cinema collection Order Card
Phase One T195 Star Trek Cinema Collection Ad Card
Voy 1/2 V295 Cinema Collection Ad
Ep 4 E496 Cinema collection Order Card
Ep 5 E596 Star Trek Cinema Collection Ad Card
Phase II T296 Cinema Collection Ad Card
Phase III T396 Cinema Collection Ad Card
Unnumbered widevision Cinema Collection Ad Card


Robert Picard had signed cards of his Complete Voyager signature at his table at Dragon Con. The only thing different was xx/80 and adding the words "the doctor" in blue, black or gold on each card (Thanks, Harm!)
There are two versions of the S1 promo card. The US version (with its mis-spelling of prototype) and the New Zealnad version.
 Interesting variation on the Cinema Collection, a boxed Generations set. I have had this vague memory since I purchased my original 6 sets, that a 7th boxed set was mentioned. Never saw any follow-up on it though. This boxed set comes with 7 sets and a Generations Skymotion.
In honor of the curiosity of one obsessed collector, we are looking for any color variations on autos you might know about (each card set listed above has what info we do know on each page..
I found these two cards in the same box of Phase III, one is blue, one is purple...variation of note or no big deal? :)

Q and A with Skybox

(not a currently available option, feel free to read older ones! I just don't have the heart to delete it!)

August 1998 Q and A
September 1998 Q and A
October 1998 Q and A
November 1998 Q and A
December 1998 Q and A 
February 1999 Q and A

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