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Either as part of other sets or stand alone, any seem related to food promotions or vending machines.  


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Star Trek card Polar Lights sticker Polar Lights 1/1000 TOS USS Enterprise in Lunchbox Tin includes a bonus Star Trek sticker!  Inside the lunchbox is a model kit that allows you to build one of three TOS Enterprise models. Not sure how big the sticker is. Their website for more information!
Star Trek Stickers

These are 1996 German TOS stickers from Frigeo "Space Rolls" candy. They look a lot like Fritt stickers, but are smaller, about 1.5 x 2 inches. This is a shot of the silver holo sticker from the outside of the package, plus 1-11, 13, and 14. (Thanks, Larry!)

Sticker sheet from 1996 German Limited Magazine. Measures 6.25" x 10.50" (Thanks Daniel)
Other sheets found inside the magainze Sheet 1 sheet 2
Set of 6 (we assume) Walls ST III stickers from New Zeeland. Found as an ice cream promotional. Doesn't seem as often seen as the ST II version. 
These two sticker cards are from Spain and are part of a Supercromos de Fabula sticker set to be put into a sticker album, released by Ediciones Este. Cards are #224 and #225. Not sure of the year, possibly 1980. Cards are 2 1/16 by 2 7/8.
Released by PartyExpress in 2009, these stickers are to be used as party favors and gifts. They come on a cardboard packaging and include 3 seets of the same 6 stickers.
From Germany, stickers found in an issue of Limited Magazine. Sheet is 4 1/4" by 5". (Thanks, Uwe!)
One of a 16 ship sticker set that included a Trek look-alike image. The company was told to quit doing that ;) (Thanks, John!)
These are 1996 German TOS stickers from Frigeo "Space Rolls" or "Space Rocls" candy. They look a lot like Fritt stickers, but are smaller, about 1.5 x 2 inches. There are 24 stickers in the set and also a poster to apply the stickers to. (Thanks Larry and Uwe!)
A German sticker advertizing the release of Generations movie on video.
1975 Italy 'stickercard'- oversized sticker card. Front peels away from backing.
Morris-1975, from Canada. There are 33 different stickers in total that are individually numbered. There are 3 or 5 stickers on each sheet.  There are 30 different sheets with various combinations of individual stickers.  There are 30
different puzzle pieces to make up a picture.  There are 4 different albums (center folds different) and one poster having the same picture as the puzzle.  . The albums are:
  • Kirk in command chair
  • Kirk with Gorn
  • Spock with a Phaser
  • Robot

A 'packet' contains a sheet of 3-4 stickers and a puzzle piece. The puzzle makes into an image of the Enterprise firing her phases. The album made a story called "The Seige" There was also a mail-away poster. This poster has the same image as the 30 piece puzzle when complete and as the picture that appears on page 4 of the album. Sticker numbers one and 24 appear only once no a sheet and are therefore more rare then the others which appear several times in different combinations.

Langley and Associates stickers: Put out in 1976 and consists of round, unnumbered stickers. The stickers are likely part of the manufactoring process to make buttons but are seen as single unused stickers and as strips of stickers. Blank backed. The Langley catalog from 1976 shows 60 buttons, 46 episode photos,
 The strips are not the same photos as the individually cut ones and they are not the same size. The stickers on the strips are 2 1/4 and the individual ones are 2 5/8. Also the individual ones have wider paper margins on them than the strips where the stickers are nearly touching each other.
A work in progress sticker list includes:
Enterprise with Star Trek
Spock Logical-Looking
Kirk in Uniform
Spock Talking
Spock Laughing
Spock with Beard
Enterprise Above Planet

O Caminho Das Estrelas from Portugal, 1977 or 78. Produced by Mandala Productions. It is a set of 460 white-borded stickers from first two episodes with a 36 page album. Back of sticker has a simple typed sticker number (e.g. 192) in the middle of the card.

Panini put out several sticker sets:

1979 Raumschiff Enterprise Panini sticker set-released in Germany 400 third season episode stickers with a 45 page album.
Italian ST:TNG Panini-1987. 240 stickers with album  Test release in the US,
released in Germany and a few other places for this set.
1992 US reprint. A complete set in a bag with an album.

Front and back from the sealed Hebrew Panini sticker album. Album includes one pack of stickers and this uncut sheet glued/gummed onto the first page. This was apparently a promo album/stickers to dealers as it has an order form to order more. Red text and 1992 copyright date.
Star Trek Card Panini Sticker  I included ths scan as I hadn't seen how the scratch off ticket was packaged before, but it gets ut in a cello wrapper with one packet of the stickers.
The Portugese version of the TNG Panini sticker album. (Thanks, Andre)
1982 Walls ice cream. A promotional from Australia. 6 stickers based on STTWOK. Comes with a poster.

Images include: Kirk   Spock   McCoy   Uhura   Khan   Sulu

Swizzel Refreshers--Flavored Fizzy Sweets set of 54 color photo STTMP stickers (UK, 1979) 

Four  ST:TMP stickers issued by Burger King and in vending machines (1979) There are singles of Kirk, Spock, The Enterprise then one with all three together.  This has become associated with Burger King, but this is highly unlikely. A list of the license holders for 1979 did NOT include Burger King. McDonald's held the license. What throws people off is the flat vs. in balls stickers. Likely the flat stickers are just a supply released prior to being stuffed into balls for the vending machines. There are no identifying markings to assist in determining who made these. A variation has been noted on the backs of these stickers. Red text rather then black text. So far I've seen three of the 4 with red.


1987 sticker ST:TNG Cheerios. and a poster. Set of 6 stickers which had two parts: it peeled back to reveal one part with either a winning or losing stub and the sticker.:.
  • Enterprise-D
  • Comdr. William Riker
  • Wesley Crusher
  • Lt. Geordi la Forge
  • Counselor Troi
  • Lt. Worf.

Fleer Star Trek: TNG Bubble Gum Stickers. 32 stickers in the set. From Germany, this small stickers featured images from TNG Season One. Each box of 150 pieces of gum has only 8 of the same stickers.


Christie's holograms-set of 6, 1994. Packed in Honey Graham's cookie boxes. Images include cartoon type holograms of  Enterprise-D, a Klingon, Romulon Warbird, Borg, STTNG logo, Klingon BOP.

NOTE: AH Prismatic:1992 hologram of cartoon artwork. Uncut and cut versions available. 7 different TOS images and 8 different TNG images. size 2x2. Can be confused with Christie's holos if not careful!

1994 set of 5 Generations vending stickers. They come in a long strip.

Fritt stickers Sets in 1995, 1996 and 1997 and 1998   Fritt: fruit candy sticks (like Starburst), Germany. They produced ltd amounts of wrappers with peel-off ST stickers on the inside. A set of ?? (at least 32) in 1995, with a mini sticker of NCC-1701 on the outside, and a set of 30 in early 1996 with a mini of Voyager. There is a 1997 set of 33 stickers, each with a bubble cartoon text. and a 1998 set released also with text (set of 33) The 1998 set has a 1997 copyright, but can be identified by the little carton character. Here is a work in progress complete list of Fritt's. If you have any changes or additions, LMK!!! (Thanks, Audrey!)

Here is the English translation to the 1997 set of German Fritt stickers 

Ireland -set of 16 very tiny stickers with a sheet to apply stickers to. Found in sherbet filled candies.
Peninsula Vending stickers. Set of 28 ST stickers, many with a Prismatic border. Found in vending machines Images from TNG, DS9 and TOS. There are several variations to the prism sets. There is the regular 'sparkle' border. This border is the common version with a variation in a red color on three of the stickers. There is also a 'cubed' border. According to one report, for every 10 sets of sparkle borders, only one cubed set can be made, so it is considered much more uncommon.  It has the same 3 sticker images with the red hued border. Those specific images do not exist in a gold hue, only red.
Time Line Studios stickers, (no date) made from the art of Sonia Hillios, the woman who did some of the Master Series cards and who has been doing the ST novel covers, 1991. (unknown # in set) (Thanks, Audrey!)
Set of stickers from New Zealand. Were part of a contest entry to win a trip from store (I forgot the name!!!) and a TV station (3).

TOFC 1998 sticker that was a part of their member's kit.

Ship Stickers found in UK videos from TNG. (Thanks, Paul)

Star Wars you say?? Cluttering up a trek site? I have it on good authority that this SW sticker and wrapper have a Trek counterpart and I include it here to give you something to go on. It was released in Turkey in 1997 and is part of a 120 sticker set. Each sticker and wrapper comes from a different movie. (Thanks, Dennis)
This a picture of the sticker that can be found in the box of crackers (party gifts). These crackers were issued in 1998 by the BOOTS co. (u.k.). Each of the crackers contains one of these stickers, the sticker measures 74 cm squared. (Thanks, Daniel)
Ad for the TMP Star Trek stickers/decals.
Starland convention put out a series of small stickers in 2000 at their conventions. Several vary only in text/font.

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