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Danbury Mint Star Trek Gold Cards


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  Several years ago, Danbury Mint in the UK released a 48 card gold set. In 2009, the US Danbury MInt released it's own set. Most of the cards are the same as the UK, with the same copyright date. Some seem to be on a slightly different tinted gold paper, a few do have an updated copyright date. The binder is different and the pages imply there will be about 12 more cards. (Captain Nero, for example) Visit to order!
Apparently the Danbury Mint of the UK (euro orders only) is offering 48 22k gold cards and an album on a subscription basis. Here are some images :) It includes cards from all series of Trek. (Thanks, Stuart!!)
Comes with a free binder and labeled pages for display.
Two other cards game from QVC and HSN. They were encased in a lucite screwdown, come with a COA and are individually numbered out of 500. They are set into a display box that slides into a cardboard slipcover.


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