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Star Trek Phone Cards

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Phone cards are about the size of a regular trading card but with rounded corners. They usually have bright, colordul images and can be found in either used or unsed condition. A used phone card may have a small patch scaratched of to reveal a number or (in Japan), little holes punched in them. Many countries that can't produce their own trading cards have phone cards instead and though many US collectors don't collect them, they are worth a look!

TEC produced phone cards in the US around 1995.

Older Card Sets

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Generations 12 card set in 10 and 20 units with these misc cards as well:
  • 2 Captains, Nexus - 60 Units Phone Card
  • 10 unit bonus Generations card with folder
  • Oversized Generations movie poster with the 2 Captains
  • Oversized Generations 2 Captains with the Enterprise-D
  • Oversized Generations 2 Captains with the Nexus

4-card sets

  • TOS set of 4 phone cards
  • TNG set of 4 phone cards
  • DS9 set of 4 phone cards (?)
  • Voyager set of 4 phone cards

Packaged sets of two cards each

  • TOS ship set of 2 phone cards
  • TNG ship set of 2 phone cards
  • DS9 ship set of 2 phone cards
  • Voyager ship set of 2 phone cards

QVC exclusive set of 4 phone cards from 1995 from TEC. cards

Misc. TEC phone cards
  • 12 unit Captain's Series...three Captains and three ships (no SIsko).
  • 30th Anniversary Enterprise under faces of crew
  • San Francisco International Phone Card Conference and Expo
  • 20 unit First Contact card


Future Call was the next US Producer of phone cards. Most of their recent releases are made in conjunction with ATT.

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AT&TCRDS.jpg (26036 bytes) The first series of cards included 5 Star Trek AT&T PrePaid Cards feature characters from all four TV series
There were also two framed sets pf phone cardsreleased by QVC and HSN.
Insurrection set of 4
Set of three TOS VOY TNG phone cards

Misc. Phone Cards

Cards from various other companies.
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Indonesia Stat Trek Phone Card Indonesia phone cards. There are also some of the main cast as well. 

Created for the 5th Annual Leadership Conference in Atlanta, limited to 100. The original artwork on this card was commissioned by Marvel/Paramount Comics for the First Contact Movie Adaptation Comic Book.  The artist is Jeff Pittarelli
A Garfield Star Trek phone card. It comes as both a small and jumbo card.
Global Call has a few different Trek phone cards.
Destiny Communications releaeed a Federation Science phone card.

Karis Communications released a limited Edition phone card, limited to 1,000. The card was produced after  Mark Lenard's death and a portion of the funds raised by the sale of the card was given to the family as a memorial.
Waldeonbooks/Pocketbooks also released a Trek related phone card promoting William Shatner's "The Return"
A Tele2000 limited edition phone card is limited to only 500.

Subspace Communications was producing Star Trek phone cards in the UK. Their large product line can be found at their web site Please visit their web site for details, checklists and images at least for now. I do not beleive they are currently producing Trek cards, so not sure how long the site will be active.

Here is a sample of their phone cards:

Thumbnail-click for larger image
AGT phone card set
Aliens Phone Card set


Foreign Phone cards
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A cool cross-over phone card. A limited edition of 5,000. It was produced byNetwork Services GBC for Memorabillia '97 The NEC, Birmingham.
A phone card form a German bank. Comes in it's own folder. (Thanks, Uwe!)
There are several phone cards from Canada, most from TEC and in both French and English text.
Japanese Phone Cards tend to be printed on thin card stock and when used get small holes punched in them. They are released mainly in conjunction with movies and tend to come in different versions..a movie version, a Laserdisc version and a videotape version.
Australia has a couple of different phone card sets from a company called Pacificnet.
There are oooodles of UK phone cards from a company other then Spacenet. (no copyright or phone time)
UK Puzzle Cards Phone cards (it takes 4 or more phone cards to make the whole image)
German Phone card set of two.
From Estonia, no less! Isn't that near Russia?
There are two phone cards from Chili of the TOS and TNG crew.
Dutch phone card (I want this one!!)
Japanese phone card from Video Town? Not official.
From a series of Japanese videos, these cards cover TNG movies and episodes, some are similar to the phone cards also released in Japan. I was told about these a few years ago and can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't get them on the website!. I know they are on my want list! Ad sheet
Phone Card Set from Austria

This is NOT a complete list!! I know I've missed some, messed some up and just don't know of some!!!

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