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It's flat, made of cardboard and square...thus, a card...;)



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Deck of playing cards from Aquaris, released in 2013. Full color cards with the main cast and various popular guest stars. Jokers are Trelane ;)
2009 deck of playing cards, made in CHina for CBS Studios.
2009 Trek Uno card set in tin. Click here to see cards.  
2009 Beam Me Up gift set from Vandor LLC. COmes in a tin with teo sets of cards, One deck has Spock on back, the other has Kirk. Click here to see the tin.
2009 Waddington's (from the UK) Star Trek playing card set
2009 Top Trumps Trek card game
Released in 1991 by Karok Western. Card frotns are all normal, backs all have same 25th Anniv. logo image (thanks, Ben!)
Brazil had a series of playing cards, Tele Band Cancion, from the late 1960's. Two of the cards were Trek.
STOS by Aviva, 1979. Backs are of Enterprise 1701A from STTMP faces are standard poker. Came in cardboard box.
Enesco made two playing card tins. The first, STOS 1992, Comes in tin 2 different TOS images on backs, fronts standard playing card face. The second is a STNG set, 1992. Also omes in tin, 2 different backs, fronts; standard.

ST II WOK by Movie Players Inc., 1982 Backs have STII Movie Poster. Faces have different movie characters on each one. Came in cardboard box. There was also an error set as one had the II in ST II logo and one did not.

1986 TWA Promotional for the STIV movie. Faces all regular, all backs have this image.
STNG by Bensons, 1996 Backs have the STNG Delta shield. Faces are all standard poker. Came in a cardboard box. Came with the Australian show bag   
1996 German playing cards-set of 55 cards, one blue deck, one red in a black box. Face cards are TNG character cards. Produced by Tricorder Records
1996 32-cards poker deck German TNG. Also produced by Tricorder Records. Comes in a black cardboard box.
1996 Australian video playing cards, 54 cards, one box, TOS scenes and characters on face cards. Released by CIC. Also offered as a sealed deck with a full set from CIC in Germany, 1998.
This is the tin that collectors in the UK could mail away for to put their TOS playing cards in. It came with a personalized name plate on the front. (Thanks, Rex!)
1998 Hamilton Collectibles Poker Se.t Comes with two decks of playing cards in a display case.
Hoyle Products, 1998. First in a series of playing cards. Comes in a box with Trek mages on front and back. Middle images is the box.(Thanks, Blondie) And now a 2000 TNG set as well has been released.
Las Vegas ST Experience card set, 1997. According to a person who was at the opening day for the Experience, there was a special set made for the first day and a different set for then one. The left image is a scan of the back of the opening day set. (Thanks, Lori!) The image to the right is the current LV Playing card deck. Changes are in font and copyright date.Sorry it's so dark :(
With the upcoming movie, products are being produced that may be of interest to the oddball card collector. They include, Monopoly, Uno and playing card. See the thumbnail for images (Thanks Galene!)
The summer 2009 TOS Season Two Blue Ray release had two exclusive Monopoly cards (and one header card)
Matel made a special deck of Uno cards with a Trek theme.


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