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Star Trek Pogs

A pog is a card by any other name!

Are pogs a card?? What defines a card? Everyone draws that line at different places. I have ignored pogs for a few years myself and am just now starting to go back and try to pick up some of these items. Here is a list and description of currently known (by me) Pog sets. It is my hope, others will have more to add.
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Star Trek pardy pogs (Thanks, Genny!) 
These pogs were sent to me from Canada and are similar to the Generations pog sheets already known about, but the images are slightly different, closer up or a little later in the scene....(Thanks, Kevin!!!)
This is a set of 32 pogs, found on 8 sheets, each sheet with 4 different pogs. One pog, the Ent-D is on two different sheets, making a total of 31 differnet pogs. These pogs were fund in CIC videos over in Holland. (Thanks, Willy!)
TNG Pog sheet-these usually come in pairs, so I suppose there is one teasing us out there....;)
Jack in the Box pogs:-4 triangles of 3 pogs each for a total of 12 pogs. Part of a promotional that includes French fry holders, posters, etc for Generations in 1994.
Two gold-bordered sheets of six each honoring ST VI (Paramount, 1991). Total of 12 pogs. Unknown distribution or producer.
Four sheets (two with white border, two with black) of six pogs, each with different Generations photos (Paramount, 1994). Unknown distribution or producer. 12 different pogs per 'set' of 2 sheets.
  • Two sheets of 12 pogs total-black border, blue text
  • Two sheets of 12 pogs total-black border, yellow text
  • Two sheets of 12 pogs total-black border, no text
  • Two sheets of 12 pogs total-white border

Ramada Inn's Generations sheet of six pogs plus ten trivia game cards used to promote the release of ST IV to video (1995). NOTE: I purhcased a large lot of these sheets form a collector who said at the time of the promotion he hit all area Ramada Inns to get the pog sheets. All his sheets are similar and it was assumed that the set was a set of 6. Recently, a second sheet of 6 pogs (with one dupe for a total of 11 different) has surfaced.

ST:TNG Launch Edition Star Trek Stardiscs' (Stardisc Enterprise-Canada, 1994) set of 60 pogs on 30 unpunched cards (2 pogs per card) One of the cards has two gold rimmed-cards, Scotty and McCoy, and are found about once a box.

This is a few characiture type pogs, possibly from a ST fan club in Canada.

Effem Foods (also of Canada) 1995, set of 8 pogs featuring the captain and ship/station from all four ST incarnations. Part of a candy bar promotion.

ST:TNG Pog set by Crown and Andrews Pty Ltd in Australia under license from the World Pog Federation and Paramount Pictures. There are 70 pogs in the set and 17 Galaxy Class blue chasers/inserts and 60 slammers. There are 10 slammer designs and each comes in 6 colors, so there are 60 total. Gold, silver green, red, blue and purple. (Thanks, Bob!

A pog set similar to the Australian set made by Crown, this one is made by Schmidt Spiele. Also a 70-pog set, though some of the images are different, same scenes with a different background..the slammers are not ST oriented as the Australian set is.
DS9 pog sheet- sheet of 6 pogs. Unknown distribution or producer.
William Shatner pog set from a Tournament of Roses pog set

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