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Q and A with Steve Charendoff Archived

**Voyager Profiles**

1. Which autographs, if any, will be short runs for Voyager Profiles?

Nobody is very short. The shortest is about 800 cards. The average is 1000.
Those with 800 cards: Robt. Picardo, Robt. McNeill, Josh Clark, John
Delancie, Jennifer Lien, Garrett Wang, Tim Russ, Ethan Phillips.
The most plentiful are: Kate Mulgrew and Michael McKean.

2. What is the box run for this set?

20,000 boxes numbered.

3. What caused the delay for this set?

Late autographs

5. Does Skybox get to meet the stars during the signings and who was
the easiet to work with?

Yes, and everybody was great, especially the cast regulars.

6. Do any of the stars get to have a say in what is going on with the
trading cards?


7. Would you ever consider doing a card set with facsimile autos
(copies of the actual ones) so that those who can't afford high end
cards can still see what the 'biggies' look like?



1. Why did Skybox do paper promos for TNG Episodes 5, and what other Trek sets had these paper promos?

I don't know.

2. How many "I" cards have been redeemed?
3. How many "V" Cards have been redeemed?

****Customer service reports only 5 of the I card sets are left and only 12 or 15 of the V card sets have been redeemed****

4. When all is over, what will Skybox do with extra sets of autos?

Use them for promotional purposes.

5. Will there be a binder for Season 7?


6. What is the future (if any) of the binder program?

To keep it going.
**ED NOTE** There is a company who is willing to act as the distributor point and guarantee quantities purchased, which should keep the binder program going now. They are in a good position to advertize and support the product.

7. Will the next movie follow the 'widevision' format of the other 8?

**ED Note** THere was a time when Season VII and Movie set were going to be combined, at that point, there was going to be a regular sized set, but now that the two are seprate, each shuold maintain it's own previous format.

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