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Star Trek Lenticular Cards

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Star Trek Lenticular Card Canadian Lenticular gift card from Roger's Plus Shopping Channel in 2009.  Approx 2 x 3.5.
Star Trek Card Universal Studios 4x6 blank backed, thicker card stock card from Universal Studios, 1988.
Star Trek Card Lenticular US and German (right-thanks Reiner!) lenticular cards on the cover of some versions of the Into Darkness BlueRay. US  is 5 3/8 ix 6 1/8 and the German is 4 1/2 x 6 7/8. It looks like the German version is a lenticular with a megnetic back.
SS2 4x5 lenticular card from the San DIego Comic Con promoting the official ST PADD app 
Lenticular card form released at the SDCC, 2009.
From Blockbuster video, these are 3 lenticular gift cards you could purchase at the store. 2/14 x 3/13. 
This item is a large (11x17) cardboard ad sheet for the set of 4 lenticular TV Guide covers. 
Mello-Smello produced a set of lenticular posters for the 40th Anniv. This promo card was distributed to promote their product.

This card is attached to the front of CDROM's of the Voyager Entertainemnt Utility. 1996.

Visicomm promos. Given out to promote larger artowrk sold at places like Spencers. 2x2 with blank back.
The First Contact lenticular movie card found in the April 27-May 3 issue of the "Video Store"The card measure about 10 cm X 20 cm. The card comes packaged with the video(Thanks, Daniel!) It was also in In Premiere magazine (possibly, unknown issue) there was a sticker on the back with encouragements on how profitibale this product will be for video store owners as a rental. The same card also appeared in a Collector's Edition of the German First Contact with some text from the producer and director.

This card was found on the front of the Pop Up Book, These are the Voyages, 30th Anniv. book.
A hologram found on the front of invitations to the Opening of the ST Experience.

This 30th Anniversary lenticular card is 3 inches by 3 inches with a white border and a blank back. We arent' sure who makes it, but one reader reports this: "the one I have isn't so much a card but a T-shirt decoration. It came sewn in to the chest area of a T-shirt, and is guaranteed to be washable! The T-shirt isn't much to look at, just all grey, but the lenticular card is pretty cool. I've only seen a few. The shirt tag says "Stanley Desantis, made in USA, Los Angeles, CA, RN 90964". (Thanks, Don!)
OK, this is a postcard set, with stamps and address area so doesn't really count, but I like lenticulars, so I'm putting 'em in.
Game Board of some sort with a ST lenticular on front.

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