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ST Oddball Ticket Related cards
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 Premiere night ticket for the ST Movie.
Del Taco's a set of gift certificates that may fit the bill for us oddball collectors ;) (Thanks, Ben!)
This 2-hours-free prepaid Internet card was given out to the 1st 100 registrants of the recent launch of Star Trek: Enterprise in the Philippines on October 10, 2003 at the Enterprise Center.
This was a crossover promo between XMen and Star Trek. This card was used to get $4 worth of credit at Blockbuster.
The ST: Vgas Exp gift pack of videos includes a 3x5 pass for two to the ST Experience. (Thanks, Genny)
Here is a scan of 8 ST Las Vegas Experience tickets. There are back variations in the text (type of ticket...NV resident, regular price that sort of thing), but fronts are the same. Some tickets come without the side piece since that (Thanks, David!) 
This card is from the Connecticut Star Trek Federation show, 1996 and exhibit that toured North America. It is a limited edition card, but I don't have any details as to how many were made. (Thanks, Audrey!
A card found in UK videos (or can be ordered from UK videos). You fill out a form and this card is mailed to you to use to purchase all sorts of trek merchandise.
Viacom's Warp and Win card- a Card given to dealers as a contest card at shows.
Trading card sized 1993 convention card. (front and back image)
The membership card from the first version of "The Official Star Trek Fan Club of the U.K", issued in 1994. The front (seen in the scan) had a very high gloss finish; the back was plain white paper with pre-printed name, membership number and expiry date information. (Thanks, Paul!)

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