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ST Oddball Video cards
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Set of 12 data cards from the new TOS 1-3 remastered HD episodes. Four data cards per season.
According to the front of the card, these cards were released as limited edition cards witn TNG Movie videos. Unknown how many are in the set. From 1994.
Two of a set of 6 UK video cards...they actually have an attached pair of 3-d glasses that you remove to view image on card
Columbia House produced some TNG episode related cards. Found on perforarted sheets, they may never have been actually used beyond some promotings They are on thin card stock, from 1995.
A sheet of perforated cards possibly from a Columbia House promotional. (Thanks, Audrey!)
A set of 9 ST movie widevision cards/ Tapes were released by Paramount and the cards were shrinwrapped with the tape. Released arnound 1999.
A UK exclusive video set-all 9 movies in a boxed set. Includes 5 movie stills/postcards with blank backs. They measure 4 1/2 and 7 1/4.
Very pretty, but a card??? This comes in a set of video tapes, called the "Best Battles" in 1997. It is in a back cardboard frame, that extends out enough to make it stand up, rather like the letter H. (This is actually the box cover, the artwork is the same) It is transparent, like the cels in the FC series.

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