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Thiland Calender Cards

These cards come from Thiliand and were given to movie goers at the movie's release. The backs have a small calender and are intended to be kept in wallets or pockets.


These cards are images of two ST cards come from a set of cards put out by a movie club in Thailand. They sent out batches of 50 cards every couple months for a year to members of the club. The cards depict the posters from hundreds of different movies, ranging from 1921's "The Kid" with Charlie Chaplin, to the most new releases. There are 400 cards in a full set, and the cards are slightly smaller than regular trading cards (2" x 3.5"), and use much thinner stock. The two Trek cards are: Movie card Society card # 229 "Star Trek Insurrection Rainbow Poster" Movie Card Society Card # 388 "Star Trek Insurrection Data Shooting poste

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