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A scavenger hunt! Below are a list of 'items' Search the Internet and send me the URL's (not the actual image) of as many images form the below list. Each item has a value assigned. The person with the most points, wins! (In case of a tie, we will have a sudden death round)

An extra 500 points can be earned by discovering the theme behind all the images we selected.

NOTE: We do NOT know if there actually will be images of all these items, so it may not be possible to get ALL of them. The point is to get as many as you are able to.

Decisions of the judges are final. You can not create an image and stick it out on a site somewhere and 'find' it, we will investigate any suspicious submissions, keep it honest...;)

The prize will be an autograph card from SkyBox's new release, due out July 5th! Details to be announced. Submissions are due by July 5th, so get searching....;) NOTE: THE AUTOGRAPH CARD IS BEING DONATED BY SKYBOX. THANKS FOR THEM FOR BEING A GOOD SPORT AND DONATING THIS PRIZE!

For details on TNG PROFILES, be sure and stop by:

Email me your entry!

Here ya go!

Someone carving alphabet blocks 1000
A square balloon 900
Two or more spinning blue tops 900
A cat's gravestone 800
An exercising robot 700
A dinner party with one woman standing 700
A man with a popped bubble of chewing gum 600
A jumping clown 500
The final scoreboard from a Super Bowl 500
A house covered in grafitti 400
A President and his assassin 400
A dented piece of metal 300
Sherlock Holmes looking for a clue 200
A cereal box with some cereal spilled out 200
A dead maple leaf 200
The Roman God of War 200
A $10 dollar bill 100

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