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TNG Profiles

Released July, 2000
82 card basic set

Press Release
Sell Sheet

Thumbnail-click for larger image Information 
9 First Contacts (1:4) (Scan does not show up the pretty foil at the bottom)
9 Alter Egos (1:6) (Scan does not show up the pretty foil at the bottom and around the smaller image)
9 Q's Quips (1:36) (Card is in the shape of a Q)
9 Crossover Characters (1:8) (Scan does not show up the pretty foilat the bottom and left)

19 Autographs (1:40) no guaranteed auto per box

1 Star Threads (numbered to 2500) made of pieces of Captain Picard's uniform. There are 3 all back piece (most common), all maroon and a black and maroon (least common)

One promo card


July 25th Walter Koenig who was at the San Diego con reported he signed only 125 TNG Profiles cards.
July 24th NOTE: The auto cards for TNG Profiles are NOT stamped with the embossing seal they usually use for the auto cards. Some stars, Wil Wheaton for example, have blank copies for them to sign, though they are required to use colors different then what they used in the SkyBox contract.

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