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TOS Season I



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Release date 12/97

It had a production run of 16,000 numbered boxes.
90 common cards in the set.


Character logs set of 58
Behind the Scenes set of  58
Profiles set of 29
Gold Plaque cards set of 29 (G6 and G11appear to be harder to get. The uncut sheet consists of all 20 with G16 duped twice)
Autograph contest cards set of 12 letter cards.

Many collectors want both a redeemed and unredeemed I card in their collection. 50 of these cards were inserted into packs for a contest. If one found this card, then it could be redeemd for a complete set of autographs. A VOIDED card was returned to collectors. Initally thought to be limited to 50 as well, it was later found out that, for a time, SkyBox was sending out the card to people who asked. Problem was only the dealers knew and they would get multiple copies of the card and sell for high prices. Eventually, SkyBox stopped this and no longer sent out the Voided cards. This left the I card fairly uncommon, the Y and V more common and the C very limited.

(link is to the sell sheet for this series)

Set of 26 autos

 There are 500-1000 of each autograph.  Shatner, Collins and Barret are the rarest, with only 400 inserted into packs. There are 400 of the short runs and 800 of the commons inserted into packs. Of the other 100/200, 50 are for the I card contest, one set will be used in NSU contests, One will be for the OFC contest, some will be held for damaged cards and many are being used as dealer incentives. A 20 box case nets the dealer two autos and a 12 box case gives them one auto. I am sure there are some autograph sets that were presented to executives at Skybox, Paramount, and Viacom and I know one complete set went to Leonard Nimoy.

Some collectors are interested in collecting color and name variations For this set, the main variation is James Doohan signing in blue and black. He also signed in green but they smeared and likely few made it into packs, if any. None have been seen.


The promo card has a variant, one had a 10/97 date and a sl different auto list. The final one had a 12/97 date and the final auto list. A smaller number of the variant cards made it out.

    Oct date
    December date

TOS BTS card error. A normal front, but a back from a baseball rookie card set (not produced by Skybox) Unknown quantity exist. Possibly just one uncut sheet.

  Sell sheet variant


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