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TOS Season II 

Release date 5/98

This set had 81 common cards and featured the limited to 200 mirror cards. The rarest card of all was the V card. This card was limited to 50 and was inserted into packs. If one found this card, then it could be redeemd for a complete set of autographs. A VOIDED card was returned to collectors. Initally thought to be limited to 50 as well, it was later found out that, for a time, SkyBox was sending out the card to people who asked. Problem was only the dealers knew and they would get multiple copies of the card and sell for high prices. Eventually, SkyBox stopped this and no longer sent out the Voided cards. This left the I card fairly uncommon, the Y and V more common and the C very limited.

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Common  set of 81
Character logs set of 52
Behind the Scenes set of  52
Profiles set of 26
Gold Plaque cards set of 26

Autos set of 32
Mirror cards set of 7 (each card is listed as 1 of 200)

Autograph contest cards set of 12 LIVE LONG AND PROSPER

unredeemed V card


voided V card
Promo cards-Season II-sent to dealers and in NSU

Other tidbits for Season II.  
Short runs-DeForest Kelly and Shatner. Barret is not as limited as the last time, but still more rare then the 'common' autos. Garr is also readily available, but sl less common. Doohan is the rarest of the remaining bridge crew.\

Autograph variants (any extra info appreciated!)

There are reports of a Doohan autos from TOS I signed in blue and one signed in black. Skybox reports he signed in THREE colors: blue black and green, but green smeared and was not used. This was for both I and II. Finding the blue can be quite a chore!

Tasha Martel signed some of her autos as Arlene Martel According to Skybox 50% were signed either way, so none is no rarer then the other.

William Marshall signed some cards all on one line and some on two lines. (from newsgroups)

Terri Garr signed in thick and thin pens


Here's an interesting oooops....

tosblood1.jpg (40728 bytes)

Looks like blood on Kirks shirt!!! I have been meaning to check my copies to see if mine has these!! (Thanks, Bob) Another friend mentioned finding two in her case of 20 boxes.



Fleer/SkyBox Follows the Unprecedented Success of
Star Trek: The Original Series™,
1966-67 Season One Trading Cards with a set featuring Season Two

Star Trek: The Original Series, 1967-68 Season Two

Mt. Laurel, NJ . . . With the release of Fleer/SkyBox's Star Trek: The Original Series™, 1967-68 Season Two Trading Cards in May 1998, fans will get exactly what they asked for. The set, which follows the sell-out success of Star Trek: The Original Series, 1966-67 Season One, features 275 different cards and 500 remastered photos produced from the original master reels from each episode of Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two. A true connoisseur's collection, the set also includes an autographed card in every box.
Star Trek: The Original Series, 1967-68 Season Two Trading Cards continue Fleer/SkyBox's presentation of the most comprehensive retrospective of the greatest science fiction program ever with an offering of 78 Plot Synopses Cards plus 3 checklists. These three-card plot synopses capture the excitement and adventure of each of the 26 Season Two episodes. The backs are written by noted Star Trek authority Allan Asherman. In addition, this remarkable set includes some one-of-a-kind bonus cards:
-- Autographed Cards: 32 of the most significant contributors to the Star Trek legacy provide hand-signed autographs:

A27 DeForest Kelley A28 Walter Koenig A29 Dorothy Fontana A30 Majel Barrett A31 William Shatner A32 James Doohan A33 George Takei A34 Nichelle Nichols A35 Antoinette Bower A36 Tige Andrews A37 Michael Forest A38 Tasha Martel A39 William Windom
A40 John Fiedler A41 Charles Macaulay A42 Keith Andes
A43 BarBara Luna A44 Charlie Brill A45 William Campbell A46 William Schallert A47 William O'Connell
A48 John Wheeler A49 Nancy Kovack A50 Joseph Ruskin A51 Stephen Brooks A52 Anthony Caruso A53 Lee Delano A54 Barbara Bouchet A55 Warren Stevens A56 William Marshall A57 Roy Jenson A58 Teri Garr

· 52 Character Logs Cards: These cards which are also written by Alan Asherman, feature the most personal reflections of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy. (2: 1 pack)
· 52 Behind the Scenes Cards: These silver foil-stamped cards offer fans the most humorous and riveting off-screen tales as told by series writer D.C. Fontana and associate producer Robert Justman. (1:2 packs)
· 26 Profile Cards: These gold foil-stamped cards feature biographies of 26 of the most compelling characters in the Star Trek legacy. (1:4 packs)
· Commemorative Gold Plaques: Each of the 26 Season Two episodes is commemorated and embossed on these cards in the finest gold foil. The cards include cast and production credits. (1:12 packs)
· 7 Mirror-Mirror Cards: These cards are based on one of the most popular episodes of all time and are printed on the highest quality, double-sided mirror board. There are only 200 of each card. (1:720 packs)
Fans will have another opportunity to win a complete set of autographed cards. Every pack will contain one Star Trek Autograph Challenge 2 game card. Each game card will contain a letter, and collectors who successfully use these lettered cards to spell out the words "Long Live and Prosperä" will win a complete set of the 32 autographed cards. A total of 50 sets of Season Two autographed cards will be given away. Star Trek: The Original Series™, 1967-68 Season Two trading cards will be available in 9-card packs for a suggested retail price of $1.99 per pack.
Fleer/SkyBox plans to release a third set based on the Original Series, Star Trek: The Original Series™, 1968-69 Season Three trading cards, in December 1998.
Fleer/SkyBox produces trading cards under a license from Viacom Consumer Products, which merchandises properties on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television, and Simon & Schuster as well as third-party properties. Viacom Consumer Products , a unit of Viacom Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Viacom, Inc.Previous Page

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