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Release date February 10, 1999

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Common set of: 75 cards and character log set of  48 cards (2:1)
Behind the Scenes cards of 48 (1:2)
Profiles cards of  24 (1:4)
Gold Plaque cards of 24 (1:12)
Autograph cards 27 (1 per box)

C is the short run of the autograph challenge cards (Captain Kirk) The Phrase is "Space the Final Frontier" This card was limited to 50 and was inserted into packs. If one found this card, then it could be redeemd for a complete set of autographs.
A VOIDED card was returned to collectors. Initally thought to be limited to 50 as well, it was later found out that, for a time, SkyBox was sending out the card to people who asked. Problem was only the dealers knew and they would get multiple copies of the card and sell for high prices. Eventually, SkyBox stopped this and no longer sent out the Voided cards. This left the I card fairly uncommon, the Y and V more common and the C very limited.
Promo Card
The Nimoy card is about as rare as a Shatner or a DeForest put together. The Shatner and the Deforest each appeared in two series, the Nimoy one.
Captain's Card Kirk C1 1:720 packs

Variations in autos:

Barbara Babcock signed in blue green and black
Michael Ansara signed in black and blue
James Doohan signed in blue and black

Short-packed common cards:

179, 193, 208, 224, 237.

One collector notes he found these cards in packs that
did NOT have a chase card in the pack.

See Steve C's response to the problem:

Here is the answer to the mystery of the "short-printed" 5 cards from TOS 3. These cards were actually double printed. The basic card set is 75 cards and the sheet size is 80 cards, so 5 were double printed. The problem is that the company which packages Fleer's cards screwed up and did not feed the various stacks of cards properly. Collectors are entitled to a complete set of the basic cards, so there is no reason why Fleer's collector support dept. shouldn't make good on these cards to anyone who calls. After all, they are only basic cards, not chase cards, so it would be much more trouble than its worth for anyone to complain about this problem if they weren't actually having a problem. The cost of a phone call would exceed the cost of the 5 cards.

Several people have asked me about this problem, and since it was my project, I felt compelled to get some answers. I can assure everyone, though, that this glitch was purely accidental. Nobody plans for this sort of thing.



Star Trek: The Original Series , 1968-69 Season Three SkyBox Trading Cards Will Arrive in February to Offer Fans More of a Great Thing

Mt. Laurel, NJ . . . Fleer/SkyBox will release Star Trek: The Original Series , 1968-69 Season Three Trading Cards on February 10, 1999. The long-awaited set, which will follow the same recipe for success as the two previous sets, will feature over 260 different cards plus photos produced from the original master reels from each episode in Season Three. The set will also include an autographed card in every box. Star Trek: The Original Series , 1966-67 Season One and Star Trek: The Original Series , 1967-68 Season Two Trading Cards were both huge sell-out successes. Star Trek: The Original Series , 1966-67 Season One sold out to retailers in one day and was released to consumers on December 10, 1997. Star Trek: The Original Series , 1967-68 Season Two, which also sold out to retailers, was released to consumers on May 20, 1998. Star Trek: The Original Series , 1968-69 Season Three Trading Cards will carry on Fleer/SkyBox’s plan to provide fans with the most complete and entertaining history of Star Trek: The Original Series ever offered. This set will feature 72 Plot Synopses Cards plus 3 checklists. In addition, this remarkable set includes bonus cards with new and exciting facts and photos: Autographed Cards: For the first time, fans can collect authentic autographed cards from Leonard Nimoy as well as 26 other stars of the Star Trek legacy including:

  • DeForest Kelley
  • James Doohan
  • Walter Koenig
  • Michael Ansara
  • Diana Muldaur
  • Lee Meriwether
  • Frank Gorshin
  • Yvonne Craig
  • Mariette Hartley

48 Character Log Cards: These cards feature the most personal reflections from Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy. (2 per pack) 48 Behind the Scenes Cards: Written by Robert Justman and Charles Washburn, these silver foil-stamped cards provide fans with some of the show’s most shocking and amusing off-screen antics (1:2 packs) 24 Profile Cards: Biographical sketches of Season Three’s 26 most compelling characters grace the backs of these unique gold-stamped cards. (1:4 packs) Commemorative Gold Plaques: These gold foil-embossed cards feature each of the 24 Season Three episodes including cast and production credits. (1:24 packs) Captains Series Card: These Limited Edition, Hand Numbered Captains Cards are printed and foil stamped on plastic, giving them a striking multi-layered effect. Captain James T. Kirk is featured in this release. (1:720 packs) Fifty fans will have yet another opportunity to win a complete set of autographed cards in the Autograph Challenge Game. Every pack will contain one Star Trek Autograph Challenge 3 game card. Each game card will contain a letter, and collectors who successfully use these lettered cards to spell out the words "Space The Final Frontier " will win a complete set of the 27 autographed cards. The letter "C" will be the rare card. Star Trek: The Original Series™, 1968-69 Season Three trading cards will be available in 9-card packs for a suggested retail price of $1.99 per pack."

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