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TOC TOS 40th Anniversary Card Set
  Common Set
1 Captain Kirk
2 Science officer Spock
3 Dr. McCoy
4 Scotty
5 Uhura
6 Yeoman Rand
7 Sulu
8 Nurse Chapel
9 The U.S.S. Enterprise
10 The Enterprise in orbit
11 Kirk captured by the Archons
12 Working The Ship's Computer
13 The Romulan Bird of Prey
14 The Eyes Of Evil
15 The Guardian of Forever
16 The Enterprise Out Of Control
17 Kirk Battles Khan
18 Transporter operations
19 beauty And The Beast
20 Phaser danger
21 The Vulcan Mind Meld
22 Shipboard Communications
23 Hailing Frequencies Open
24 capt Kirk And Dr, McCoy
25 Fire Phasers!
26 Landru
27 Beautiful Janice
28 Kirk And Spock Undercover
29 The Shuttlecraft galileo
30 Scotty in the Jeffries Tube
31 En Garde!
32 Entering Strange Space
33 Femme fatale
34 Kirk in Disguise
35 The Romulam Commander
36 Chief medical officer
37 Standing Trial
38 Scotty in Command
39 Battling the Gorn
40 The Enterprise Attacks!
41 Yeoman's Plants
42 Kirk meets Kirk
43 The Salt Creature
44 Top Secret File
45 Trouble on The Bridge
46 Kirk Fires On The Enemy
47 The Eyes Of A God
48 The Infection Spreads
49 Vulcan Curiosity
50 Lazarus
51 Charlie Evans
52 Entertaining The Enterprise Crew
53 The Captain In Deep Thought
54 Opening Shuttle Bay Doors
55 Lovers Embrace
56 In Search of A Cure
57 Captain Kirk And Toeman Rand
58v Lovers Embrace
58 Searching For the Horta
59 Ruk, The last Of His Kind
60 captain Pike
61 Captain's Medical Exam
62 Balok's True Appearance
63 Fire Photon Torpedos!
64 Tracking An Adversary
65 Doctor…And Bricklayer
66 Look Of Determination
67 Lt. Kevin Riley
68 Bio-Scanner
69 Receiving Deep Space Signals
70 McCoy Tests An Alien Sample
71 Finnegan. Kirk's Academy Nemesis
72 Mischievous Eyes
73 Dressed For The Occasion
74 The S.S. Botany bay
75 Scotty And Uhura Take Charge
76 Chasing An Alien Vessel
77 Fearless Leader
78 Close Encounter
79 Attacking The Horta
80 Staying In Shape
81 Desperate Shuttlecraft
82 In search Of A Stowaway
83 Dr. Korby's Women
84 The Secret Of Talos IV
85 Miri And Jahn
86 Unrequited Love
87 From Humans To Gods
88 Mock Trial
89 The Chief Engineer
90 20th Century Interrogation
91 Into The Unknown
92 Beautiful Leila Kalomi
93 Steering The Enterprise To Safety
94 A Look Of Concern
95 McCoy Delivers A Needed Injection
96 An Alien Deception
97 Kirk Mentors Charlie
98 Dr. helen Noel
99 Making An Android Kirk
100 Captain Kirk And Edith Keeler
101 In The Captains Chair
102 Tracking The Enterprise
103 Discussing Strategy
104 Dr. McCoy And Yeoman Barrows
105 Beaming Up The Landing Party
106 Swahili Beauty
107 Captains Kirk And Pike
108 Captain Of The Enterprise
109 Checklist
110 Checklist
Quotable Expansion Set
111 TOS Quotable card
112 TOS Quotable card
113 TOS Quotable card
114 TOS Quotable card
115 TOS Quotable card
116 TOS Quotable card
117 TOS Quotable card
118 TOS Quotable card
119 TOS Quotable card
120 TOS Quotable card
121 TOS Quotable card
122 TOS Quotable card
123 TOS Quotable card
124 TOS Quotable card
125 TOS Quotable card
126 TOS Quotable card
127 TOS Quotable card
128 TOS Quotable card
  Captain Pike Insert Set
CP1 Captain Pike
CP2 Captain Pike
CP3 Captain Pike
CP4 Captain Pike
CP5 Captain Pike
CP6 Captain Pike
CP7 Captain Pike
CP8 Captain Pike
CP9 Captain Pike
  Faces of Vina
V1 Vina
V2 Vina
V3 Vina
V4 Vina
V5 Vina
V6 Vina
  Star Trek Portraits
PT01 Captain Kirk
PT02 Spock
PT03 Dr. McCoy
PT04 Scotty
PT05 Sulu
PT06 Uhura
PT07 Chekov
PT08 Nurse Chapel
PT09 Yeoman Rand
PT10 Talosian
PT11 Balok's Puppet
PT12 The Salt Creature
PT13 Romulan Commander
PT14 Ruk
PT15 The Gorn
PT16 Khan
PT17 Kor
PT18 Edith Keeler
  1967 Star Trek Expansion Set-The Cage
73 Capt. Pike and Mr. Spock
74 Number One
75 Navigator Jose Tyler
76 Mysterious Alien
77 Beautiful Vina
78 The Search for Answers
79 Alien Abduction!
80 Fire Phasers!
81 The Caged Captain
82 Trapped in an Illusion!
83 Falling in Love
84 Trapped in Hell!
85 Searching for Reality
86 Sexy Slave Dancer
87 Yeoman Colt
88 Fighting the Alien
89 No More Illusions!
90 The Real Vina
  Delta Shield Patch Cards
DS1 Captain Kirk
DS2 Spock
DS3 Dr. McCoy
DS4 Scotty
DS5 Lt. Sulu
DS6 Lt. Chekov
DS7 Lt. Uhura
A104 Carl Held as Lindstrom
A106 Jason Wingreen as Dr. Linke
A107 Lawrence Montaigne as Decius
A107a Lawrence Montaigne as Decius variant image
A108 Dick Durock as Elasian Guard
A109 Robert Walker, Jr. as Charlie Evans (Very Limited)
A110 Kathryn Hays as Gem (Limited)
A111 France Nuyen as Elaan (Very Limited)
A112 Joan Collins as Edith Keeler (Limited)
A113 Brian Tochi as Boy
A114 Sheldon Collins as Tough Kid
A115 David Soul as Makora 
A116 John Crawford as Commissioner Ferris (Limited)
A117 Ned Romero as Krell 
A118 Peter Duryea as Navigator Jose Tyler
A119 Leonard Nimoy as Mirror Universe Spock (Very Limited)
A120 Majel Barrett as Number One (Very Limited)
A121 Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman Colt
A122 Bobby Clark as The Gorn (Limited)
A123 Bruce Hyde as Lt. Riley
A124 Beverly Washburn as Lt. Galway
A125 Malachi Throne as Voice of The Keeper
A127 Paul Comi as Lt. Andrew Stiles
A128 Marianne Hill as Dr. Helen Noel
A129 Emily Banks as Yeoman Tonia Barrows
A130 Victor Lundin as Klingon Lieutenant
A131 Garrison True as Crewman
A133 Kate Woodville as Natira
A134 Mary Rice as Young T'Pring
A135 George Takei as Mirror Universe Sulu (Limited)
A135 Richard Compton as Washburn 
A137 Rhodes Reason as Flavius Maximus
A126 Walter Koenig (Mirror Chekov) (Binder Card)
  Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. Signature Card (Very Limited)
  Gene Roddenberry Cut Signature Card
  Case Toppers
TV8 TV Guide Cover Card Nurse Chapel
TV9 TV Guide Cover Card Yeoman Rand
  Two-Case Incentive Card
QA8 Grace Lee Whitney Quotable TOS Autograph Card
  Six-Case Incentive Card
  Leonard Nimoy Autograph Costume Card
  Promo Cards
CP1 Convention Exclusive
P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Album Exclusive
UK United Kingdom Distribution
  Misc. Items
  Sell sheet
  Marked Archive Box
  Unmarked Archive Box
  Empty Box
  Empty Box
  Full Box
  Uncut Sheet
  Full Pack

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