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 Star Trek: The Original Series
Art & Images Checklist

Base Cards
  # Card Title
  01 The Cage
  02 Where No Man Has Gone Before
  03 The Corbomite Maneuver
  04 Mudd's Women
  05 The Enemy Within
  06 The Man Trap
  07 The Naked Time
  08 Charlie X
  09 Balance of Terror
  10 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  11 Dagger of the Mind
  12 Miri
  13 The Conscience of the King
  14 The Galileo Seven
  15 Court Martial
  16 The Menagerie
  17 Shore Leave
  18 The Squire of Gothos
  19 Arena
  20 The Alternative Factor
  21 Tomorrow is Yesterday
  22 The Return of the Archons
  23 A Taste of Armageddon
  24 Space Seed
  25 This Side of Paradise
  26 The Devil in the Dark
  27 Errand of Mercy
  28 The City on the Edge of Forever
  29 Operation -- Annihilate!
  30 Catspaw
  31 Metamorphosis
  32 Friday's Child
  33 Who Mourns for Adonais?
  34 Amok Time
  35 The Doomsday Machine
  36 Wolf in The Fold
  37 The Changeling
  38 The Apple
  39 Mirror, Mirror
  40 The Deadly Years
  41 I, Mudd
  42 The Trouble With Tribbles
  43 Bread and Circuses
  44 Journey to Babel
  45 A Private Little War
  46 The Gamesters of Triskelion
  47 Obsession
  48 The Immunity Syndrome
  49 A Piece of the Action
  50 By Any Other Name
  51 Return to Tomorrow
  52 Patterns of Force
  53 The Ultimate Computer
  54 The Omega Glory
  55 Assignment: Earth
  56 Spectre of the Gun
  57 Elaan of Troyius
  58 The Paradise Syndrome
  59 The Enterprise Incident
  60 And the Children Shall Lead
  61 Spock's Brain
  62 Is There in Truth No Beauty?
  63 The Empath
  64 The Tholian Web
  65 For the World is Hollow….
  66 Day of the Dove
  67 Plato's Stepchildren
  68 Wink of an Eye
  69 That Which Survives
  70 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
  71 Whom Gods Destroy
  72 The Mark of Gideon
  73 The Lights of Zetar
  74 The Cloudminders
  75 The Way to Eden
  76 Requiem for Methuselah
  77 The Savage Curtain
  78 All Our Yesterdays
  79 Turnabout Intruder
  80 Checklist 1
  81 Checklist 2
The Comic Book Art of STAR TREK (1:4 packs)
  # Card Title
  GK01 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#1
  GK02 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#2
  GK03 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#3
  GK04 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#4
  GK05 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#5
  GK06 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#6
  GK07 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#7
  GK08 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#8
  GK09 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#9
  GK10 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#10
  GK11 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#11
  GK12 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#12
  GK13 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#13
  GK14 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#14
  GK15 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#15
  GK16 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#16
  GK17 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#17
  GK18 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#18
  GK19 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#19
  GK20 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#20
  GK21 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#21
  GK22 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#22
  GK23 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#23
  GK24 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#24
  GK25 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#25
  GK26 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#26
  GK27 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#27
  GK28 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#28
  GK29 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#29
  GK30 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#30
  GK31 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#31
  GK32 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#32
  GK33 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#33
  GK34 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#34
  GK35 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#35
  GK36 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#36
  GK37 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#37
  GK38 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#38
  GK39 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#39
  GK40 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#40
  GK41 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#41
  GK42 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#42
  GK43 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#43
  GK44 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#44
  GK45 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#45
  GK46 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#46
  GK47 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#47
  GK48 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#48
  GK49 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#49
  GK50 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#50
  GK51 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#51
  GK52 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#52
  GK53 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#53
  GK54 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#54
  GK55 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#55
  GK56 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#56
  GK57 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#57
  GK58 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#58
  GK59 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#59
  GK60 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#60
  GK61 Star Trek Gold Key Comic#61
Star Trek: The Animated Series Expanded Universe Cards (1:8 packs)
  # Card Title
  AE01 Adam
  AE02 Akuta
  AE03 Andrea
  AE04 Apollo
  AE05 Balok's Puppet
  AE06 Captain Pike
  AE07 Captain Pike (crippled)
  AE08 Charlie Evans
  AE09 Chekov
  AE10 Commissioner Bele
  AE11 Edith Keeler
  AE12 Elaan of Troyius
  AE13 Galt
  AE14 Gary Mitchell
  AE15 Gem
  AE16 Kang
  AE17 Khan
  AE18 Lal
  AE19 Lazarus
  AE20 Losira
  AE21 Maab
  AE22 Marta
  AE23 Mirror Kirk
  AE24 Mirror Marlena
  AE25 Mirror Spock
  AE26 Mirror Sulu
  AE27 Natira
  AE28 Ruk
  AE29 Shahna
  AE30 Subcommander Tal
  AE31 Sylvia
  AE32 The Gorn
  AE33 The Keeper
  AE34 The Mugato
  AE35 T'Pring
  AE36 Trelane
  AE37 Vina
  AE38 Yeoman Colt
  AE39 Yeoman Rand
Original Series ArtiFex Cards by John Czop (1:24 packs)
  # Card Title
  CZ1 Mirror, Mirror
  CZ2 The City on the Edge of Forever
  CZ3 Amok Time
  CZ4 The Trouble With Tribbles
  CZ5 The Squire of Gothos
  CZ6 All Our Yesterdays
  CZ7 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  CZ8 The Enterprise Incident
  CZ9 Journey To Babel
SketchaFex Cards (1:48 packs)
  # Card Title
  xxx-sf01 The Cage
  xxx-sf02 Where No Man Has Gone Before
  xxx-sf03 The Corbomite Maneuver
  xxx-SF04 Mudd's Women
  xxx-SF05 The Enemy Within
  xxx-SF06 The Man Trap
  xxx-SF07 The Naked Time
  xxx-SF08 Charlie X
  xxx-SF09 Balance of Terror
  xxx-SF10 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  xxx-SF11 Dagger of the Mind
  xxx-SF12 Miri
  xxx-SF13 The Conscience of the King
  xxx-SF14 The Galileo Seven
  xxx-SF15 Court Martial
  xxx-SF16 The Menagerie
  xxx-SF17 Shore Leave
  xxx-SF18 The Squire of Gothos
  xxx-SF19 Arena
  xxx-SF20 The Alternative Factor
  xxx-SF21 Tomorrow is Yesterday
  xxx-SF22 The Return of the Archons
  xxx-SF23 A Taste of Armageddon
  xxx-SF24 Space Seed
  xxx-SF25 This Side of Paradise
  xxx-SF26 The Devil in the Dark
  xxx-SF27 Errand of Mercy
  xxx-SF28 The City on the Edge of Forever
  xxx-SF29 Operation -- Annihilate!
Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)
  # Card Title
  xxx-a01 Joan Collins as Edith Keeler
  xxx-a02 Ricardo Montalban as Khan
  xxx-a03 Leonard Nimoy as Mirror Universe Spock
  xxx-a04 George Takei as Mirror Universe Sulu
  xxx-a05 Walter Koenig as Chekov
  xxx-a06 Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Rand
  xxx-a07 Kathryn Hays as Gem
  xxx-a08 BarBara Luna as Marlena Moreau
  xxx-a09 Yvonne Craig as Marta
  xxx-a10 Kate Woodville as Natira
  xxx-a11 Bobby Clark as The Gorn
  xxx-a12 William Campbell as Trelane
  xxx-a13 Gary Lockwood as Gary Mitchell
  xxx-a14 Sherry Jackson as Andrea
  xxx-a15 William Windom as Commodore Decker
  xxx-a16 Joseph Ruskin as Galt
  xxx-a17 Jack Donner as Subcommander Tal
  xxx-a18 Michael Ansara as Kang
  xxx-a19 Lee Meriwether as Losira
  xxx-a20 William O'Connell as Thelev
  xxx-a21 Michael Forest as Apollo
  xxx-a22 Sean Kenney as Captain Pike
  xxx-a23 Majel Barrett as Number One
  xxx-a24 Antoinette Bower as Sylvia
  xxx-a25 Lois Jewell as Drusilla
  xxx-a26 Michael Dante as Maab
  xxx-a27 Charles Napier as Adam
  xxx-a28 Bruce Hyde as Lt. Riley
  xxx-a29 Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman Colt
  xxx-a30 Peter Duryea as Navigator Jose Tyler
Exclusive Collectors Album Card
  # Card Title
  xxx-a31 Arlene Martel as T'Pring
Case Topper Cards
  # Card Title
    3 Sketch Cards (Communicator, Tricorder, Phaser) Drawn by Steven Miller (1 Per Case)
1st Tier Multi-Case Incentive SketchaFEX Card (1 card for every 2 cases purchased)
  # Card Title
    Colored Sketch Card Drawn by Warren Martineck
2nd Tier Multi-Case Incentive Autograph Card (1 card for every 6 cases purchased)
  # Card Title
    Star Trek Legends Card Signed by William Shatner
Promo Cards
  # Card Title
  CE2005 Canadian National Expo Promo
  CP2005 General Convention Promo
  P1 General Distribution Promo
  P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine Promo
  P3 Album Exclusive Promo
  UK United Kingdom Promo




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