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TOS Costume card materials uncovered!


A Message from

Rittenhouse Archives (and are pleased to announce the acquisition of authentic costume materials from the vaults of Paramount Pictures to make costume cards of Captain Kirk, Spock and Lt. Uhura.

"Paramount just uncovered these materials, which have been sitting in the costume dept. on the studio lot for nearly 35 years," said Steve Charendoff, President of Rittenhouse Archives. "The actual costumes worn by the actors were cut from the very same pieces of material that we have now found and been able to turn into costume cards for collectors to enjoy."

The 3 costume cards of Kirk, Spock and Uhura feature the classic green, blue and red uniform materials in the original Star trek show. Approximately 500 of each card will be produced and inserted randomly into packs of the upcoming Star Trek: The Original Series, 35th Anniversary HoloFEX Trading Cards. At least 1 of the 3 costume cards will be available in each 12-box case of this all-new series.

A limited number of cases still remain (fewer than 50), and a sellout is expected shortly.

20 packs/box. 3 autograpahs per box.
Inserts: Moflex 1:5 (episode oriented rather then character oriented) 9-card
Best of Bones 1:10 9-card subset
Federation Foes: 1:20 6-card subset
Autographs 34 signle and 1 dual autograph (500 of these Shatner/Nimoy cards will be signed) . One will be a binder card and one will be a case topper.




From Rittenhouse: Many thanks for your patience while are completing the upcoming "Women of Star Trek: Voyager HoloFEX" Trading Cards. As you may already be aware, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to move back the release date of this series until early August. We regret the inconvenience, but do believe that your faith in this product -- which has been sold out for several weeks -- will be rewarded upon its release. A few other points to note about this card series:

1. The case topper will consist of an autograph card signed by Vanessa Branch (who played the grown-up Naomi Wildman) and 2 ArtiFex cards (Seven of Nine and B'Elanna Torres) that were originally scheduled to be inserts within the packs. These were the only 2 pieces of artwork that could be completed in time for this project, and this new direction makes more sense.
2. The binder autograph card will be signed by Nancy Hower, who played Ensign Wildman.
3. The 9-card ArtiFex bonus set will be replaced by a 6-card "SpaceFex" set featuring incredible CGI special effects images through a die-cut view screen. These will be inserted at 1:20 packs.
4. The MorFex and ReflectiFex bonus sets will also be die-cut.
5. The base cards will feature 6 different photos apiece, yielding more than 400 total images in the base set alone! The base set will also consist of 70 cards, rather than 72 as originally published.
6. The costume cards just came back from our printer, and they look awesome!
7. As promised, there will be NO (i.e. zero, zip, nada) redemption cards in this product (or in any other, if we can help it). All of the autograph and costume cards, in particular, are in-house and waiting to be packed out.

As we get closer to the release date, we will have more specific shipping information. Once again, thanks so much for your patience.


Initial press release:

Rittenhouse Archives and are pleased to announce that both The Women of Star Trek Voyager HoloFEX trading cards and Hercules: The Complete Journeys trading cards are now available on a pre-sell basis online at The Women of Star Trek Voyager HoloFEX trading cards feature 2 autographs in box, plus randomly inserted costume cards of Seven of Nine and Capt. Janeway and hand-drawn sketch cards. The 72-card base set is unlike any other Star Trek set ever. Each card will be printed on thick, holofoil card stock, with gold-foil stamping and super glossy lamination. These base cards are superior to most, if not all, bonus cards in any of the past Star Trek sets. There will also be multiple photos of each featured character on each card (Manufacturer's note: In order to clear up any misconceptions about this product, these cards are not lenticular or motion cards. Also, all cards are standard 2-1/2"x3-1/2" size).

Several customers have asked about the list of autographs for this product. We are extremely pleased to tell you that -- with the exception of Jeri Ryan -- there are NO repeat signers from past Voyager trading card series. The list includes Sharon Lawrence (Amelia Earhart), Virginia Madsen (Kellin), Lori Petty (Noss), Martha Hackett (Seska), J. Paul Boehmer (29th Century Borg, "One"), Laura Stepp (Erin Hansen, Seven of Nine's Mom), Katelin Peterson and Erica Lynne Bryan (both played Annika Hansen, young Seven of Nine), and several more. The autographs are broken into two separate groups: (1) The Seven of Nine Autograph Series, which includes Jeri Ryan and several actors whose characters are closely associated with Seven of Nine (that explains how we squeezed in a couple of guys into this collection), and (2) The Women of Star Trek Autograph Series. Also, please be aware that we have received a commitment from Viacom for costumes worn by Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew, and their costume cards will be randomly inserted throughout the series. Once we have a final tally as to the number of costume cards we can produce from these costumes, we will issue another message informing you of the insertion rate. (Based on past experience, it is likely that we will be able to insert these at a rate no less frequently than 1:100 packs, but this is only speculation at this time.)

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