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The UNOFFICIAL TOS Card Game Page     


**NOTE** Skybox no longer has any employees who worked on the CCG line on staff. They were sorry to mention that they have no samples. checklists or information to offer. If there are answers you need beyond the info in the below page, LMK and we will see what we can do to help you get the info you need!

Card List 

Click here to see the Card checklist. This list is supposed to be the current and updated one. There is also an alphabetical card list. (Thanks, Chris!) 

Here is the Cardlist for Starfleet Maneuvers sorted by Rarity, type and alphabetical. (Thanks, Cliff for sending them and James, my wonderful husband for teaching me how to format them easily!) 

Original release of the TOS CG

This game features the original series and crew. There will be booster packs(15 cards) and starter decks(65 cards). The starter deck will be a game playable by themselves and will include Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the Enterprise. The initial set will include 308 cards and will have 4 levels of rarity, common, uncommon, rare and very rare. There will be crew cards, challenge cards, effect cards and wild cards. Two or more players can play. The goal is to complete missions which are made up of elements found in episodes from the series. You can use elements from several different episodes, but if an actual episode(and it's unique elements) is recreated, a bonus is earned. The first player to compile 25 mission points wins OR if the Enterprise is destroyed in the course of the game, the person with the most points win.

Notes on the Expansion sets 

Starfleet Maneuvers was the first and only expansion, It covers the first 13 episodes of season two and will have 160 cards.  


A sell sheet for Alien Encounters, the CCG that never was...;) (Thanks, William!)

Skybox has a sense of humor!!! See Inquest issue Jan 1996 with Kirk and Spock on the cover. Inside is an article in "Trek cards we will never see" Shortly after the announcement that F/S would hold the TOS license Inquest published a list of cards they thought should be produced. The article show fake CCG cards with these titles:

  • Red Shirt Syndrome
  • All Spaceways lead to Rome
  • Damn it, I'm a Dr, not a....
  • Shirtless Kirk
  • Get off my ship, Mr!
  • Home Court Advantage
  • Direct Hit
  • Styorfoam Rock Weapon
  • Commercial Break

I find it terribly funny that not only did they USE some of these suggestions, but gave Inquest the exclusive Shirtless Kirk card. Congrats to Inquest for injecting some humor into the hobby and to Skybox for not taking itself so seriously!! (Thanks, K!!)

Immortalized in a card game!!!

Occasionally, in need of a crew card, they came across images of crewman who were never given names or identified in any way. Not ones to miss taking advantage of a situation, Steve Domzalski, lead game designer, Ron Perazza and Karen Greene, F/S employees became Lieutenant Steve Domzalski, Lieutenant Ron Perazza and Yeoman Karen Greene. Cheryl Thomas, Thom Parham and Chip Carter, Viacom/Paramount employees became Nurse Cheryl Thomas Lt Chip Carter and Lt Thom Parham

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Promo Geek Alert!!! Promo cards for this set.

Six exclusive CCG inserts in the Third Phase of Star Trek 30th Anniversary Trading Cards:

Cryogenic Chamber - Permanent Wild
He's Dead Jim - Wild
Phaser Mishap - Wild
Emergency Distress - Wild
Organians - Challenge
Turbo Lift Doors - Wild - Pay 50% (avg. up) counters to move opponent's crew to core crew

Special common Chekov prototype crew card that will be +1 for all icons if autographed.

Available at Gen-con and a few other places.

Living in the Past (wild)

  • COMBO #22
Shirtless Kirk (wild) Please note that this card can be gotten both by subscribing AND buying the newsstand copy.
Inquest #19

Arena (Wild) Only available to subscribers.

  • Star Trek Communicator #109

Gorn Captain. There is NO difference between this card and the card in the common set.

Inquest #17-Gorn Captain. There is NO difference between this card and the card in the COMBO #20
Star Trek Communicator #109
Overstreet's FAN #15

Q and A 

Q. In Starfleet Manuevers Which of the Tribble cards is the common one?

A. The challenge card showing Uhura and Chekov.

Q. Why is there no Harry Mudd?

A. Conflicts with the estate giving their permission for his likeness to be used. He was to be included in the third release, but it never happened.

FAQ released in 1996

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