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Trouble with Tribbles Checklist

Orb of Time R Artifact
Chula: The Drink R Dilemma
Chula: The Way Home C Dilemma
Executive Authorization R Dilemma
Ferengi Infestation R Dilemma
Lineup C Dilemma
Oops! C Dilemma
Palukoo U Dilemma
Q Gets the Point C Dilemma
Q-Type Android U Q Dilemma
Storage Compartment Door C Doorway
Classic Communicator C Equipment
Classic Medical Tricorder U Equipment
Classic Tricorder U Equipment
Classic Type II Phaser C Equipment
VR Headset U Equipment
62nd Rule of Acquisition C Event
Organian Peace Treaty C Event
Subspace Transporter C Event
Temporal Investigations C Event
Treaty: Cardassian/Bajoran C Event
Treaty: Romulan/Bajoran C Event
Chain Reaction Ricochet R Incident
Homefront U Incident
HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform R Incident
Make It So R Incident
Obelisk of Masaka U Incident
Panel Overload C Incident
Q the Referee U Incident
Resistance is Futile R Incident
Tribble Bomb U Incident
We Look for Things U Incident
Burial Ground U Interrupt
Live Long and Prosper C Interrupt
Obedience Brings Victory U Interrupt
Scan Cycle Check C Interrupt
Suicidal Attack C Interrupt
Agricultural Assessment U Mission
Assign Support Personnel C Objective
Council of Warriors R Objective
Defend Homeworld U Objective
Hero of the Empire U Objective
First Minister Shakaar R+ Personnel
Sarish Rez U Personnel
Six of Thirteen C Personnel
Third of Five R+ Personnel
Broca U Personnel
Kira R+ Personnel
Amet'alox C Personnel
Lam C Personnel
Thot Gor R+ Personnel
Thot Pran U Personnel
Varat'idan C Personnel
B.G. Robinson U Personnel
Captain Kirk R+ Personnel
Dr. McCoy UR Personnel
Dulmer R+ Personnel
Ensign Chekov R+ Personnel
Ensign O'Brien R+ Personnel
Lt. Bailey R+ Personnel
Lt. Bashir R+ Personnel
Lt. D'Amato U Personnel
Lt. Dax R+ Personnel
Lt. Grant C Personnel
Lt. Nagata U Personnel
Lt. Sisko P Personnel
Lt. Sulu R+ Personnel
Lt. Uhura R+ Personnel
Lt. Watley U Personnel
Lucsly R+ Personnel
Mr. Scott R+ Personnel
Mr. Spock R+ Personnel
Nilz Baris U Personnel
Falar U Personnel
Lumba R+ Personnel
Mordoc C Personnel
Arne Darvin R+ Personnel
Captain Koloth P Personnel
Daval C Personnel
Kered C Personnel
Korax U Personnel
Kras U Personnel
Thopok U Personnel
Tumek U Personnel
Barry Waddle R+ Personnel
Danderdag C Personnel
Gem U Personnel
Grebnedlog R+ Personnel
Liam Bilby U Personnel
Odo R+ Personnel
Reginod U Personnel
Worf R+ Personnel
Yint C Personnel
Jenok C Personnel
Kalenna U Personnel
Keras R+ Personnel
The Centurion R+ Personnel
Velal R+ Personnel
Bajoran Raider U Ship
Bok'Nor U Ship
Stolen Attack Ship R Ship
Breen Warship R Ship
Dominion Battleship R Ship
Weyoun's Warship R Ship
Columbus C Ship
Starship Constitution C Ship
Starship Enterprise R+ Ship
Brunt's Shuttle R Ship
I.K.C. Gr'oth R+ Ship
I.K.C. Ning'tao R Ship
Mondor U Ship
Gal Gath'thong R Ship
Bajoran Shrine U Site
Deep Space Station K-7 R Facility (Station)
Bajoran Phaser Banks C Tactic
Breen Disruptor Burst C Tactic
Breen Energy-Dampening Weapon R Tactic
Chain Reaction Pulsar U Tactic
Sherman's Peak U Time Location
1 Tribble (Bonus) C Tribble
1 Tribble (Discard) C Tribble
1 Tribble (Go) C Tribble
10 Tribbles (Bonus) U Tribble
10 Tribbles (Go) U Tribble
10 Tribbles (Poison) U Tribble
100 Tribbles (Bonus) U Tribble
100 Tribbles (Poison) U Tribble
100 Tribbles (Rescue) U Tribble
1,000 Tribbles (Bonus) R* Tribble
1,000 Tribbles (Discard) R* Tribble
1,000 Tribbles (Rescue) R* Tribble
10,000 Tribbles (Go) R+ Tribble
10,000 Tribbles (Poison) R+ Tribble
10,000 Tribbles (Rescue) R+ Tribble
100,000 Tribbles (Clone) R+ Tribble
100,000 Tribbles (Discard) R+ Tribble
100,000 Tribbles (Rescue) R+ Tribble
... in the Engine Room C Trouble
... in the Transporters C Trouble
... on the Bridge C Trouble
... on the Station C Trouble









































































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