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Trouble with Tribbles Changed cards


Alternate Universe Door
Anaphasic Organism -Delimma (P)
Alyssa Ogawa -Personnel (Fed)
Archer (Dilemma, on the arrow)
Bat'leth -Equipment
Chula: The Abyss -Delimma (S/P)
Chula: The Lights -Delimma (S/P)
Fleet Admiral Shanthi -Personnel (Fed)
Hazardous Duty -Dilemma (S/P)
Lack Of Preparation -Delimma (S/P)
Male's Love Interest -Dilemma (P)
Malfunctioning Door -Dilemma (P)
Matriarchal Society -Dilemma (P)
Medical Kit -Equipment
Medical Tricorder (the picture on the tricorder)
Microvirus -Dilemma (P)
Montgomery Scott -Personnel (Fed)
Morka -Personnel (Kli)
Plasmadyne Relay -Equipment
Primitive Culture -Dilemma (P)
Res-Q (look at the bottom middle)
Scientific Method -Dilemma (S/P)
Security Precautions -Dilemma (P)
Starfleet Type I Phaser -Equipment
Thomas McClure (upper left corner, on the wall)
Vekor -Personnel (Non)
Wo'Din -Personnel (Kli)


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