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The USS Jupiter!

See the card!! (link to Decipher's Site)

The newest ship in the Star Trek CCG universe is The U.S.S Jupiter, a limited edition card featuring the Jupiter, an Akira-class starship, that will be included in all packages of an upcoming real-time strategy game, Star Trek: Armada, by Activision. The game is scheduled to release this winter. Later in 2000, the U.S.S. Jupiter card will become available to players and collectors through other channels - exactly how is not yet decided.

Created through the use of computer graphics, the U.S.S. Jupiter is one of the sleek Akira-class ships first seen in the Star Trek: First Contact motion picture. In Activision's computer game, the ship plays an important role in helping the U.S.S. Enterprise defend against a Borg attack. It's also the first ship to be equipped with the Chain Reaction Pulsar, a new, powerful weapon capable of ricocheting off multiple enemy ships.

In the universe of Star Trek CCG, the U.S.S. Jupiter is the second Akira-class starship to appear on a card, complementing the popular U.S.S. Thunderchild (from the Blaze of Glory expansion set). Players can expect the new ship to tie in with existing game elements, as well as leaving the hatch open for future combinations.

Other upcoming cards will also make use of some of the elements from Activision's Star Trek: Armada computer game. Star Trek CCG Lead Designer Bill Martinson comments: "We're thrilled to be adding new richness to Star Trek CCG in the form of the very unique U.S.S. Jupiter. It's designed for players and collectors to enjoy, and the ship will become even more powerful in combination with the upcoming Chain Reaction Pulsar card. We know that Activision shares our love for Star Trek, and it's been very enjoyable working with them as both companies continue to contribute to the growing Star Trek universe. As designers, game players, and fans, we're looking forward to experiencing these new and exciting Trek elements in both game formats."

Every one of the cards will sport photo-realistic images, as is standard with all of Decipher's current CCGs.

The release of the U.S.S. Jupiter in Star Trek: Armada marks the second collaboration between Activision and Decipher. The first one had been the free give-away, last October, of a Star Trek CCG Starter Deck II with pre-order of a copy of the Star Trek: Hidden Evil computer game, at selected retailers.

"Part of the fantasy of Star Trek is that it is a living, breathing universe with a continuous time line," says Activision Brand Manager Laird Malamed. "By combining elements of our Star Trek: Armada strategy game with Decipher's Customizable Card Game, we are supporting that intrinsic fantasy. Fans of both computer games and card games will be pleased with the result."

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