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Voyager Closer to Home

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Release Date 11/17/99 Sell sheet

100 common cards

90 episode cards from Seasons 3 4 and 5
Janeway's Adversaries Subset-9 foli stamped cards-actually a subset off the basic card set.
one checklist (printed on thin white cardstock)

Advanced Technology (1:4)-9 foil stamped cards

Interstellar Spieces(1:12)-9 glow-edge plastic cards (written from 7 of 9's point of view)SkyBox confirms that there is parallel orange set.  SkyBox wouldn't offer specific numbers. They did however reply that the cards were randomly dropped in at about one per 5 boxes.

The Adventures of Captain Proton (1:8)-9 holo foil stamped cards

Command Crew Cards-limited to 750, 9 lenticular cards.

3 oversized command cards were given to dealers when placing their orders through SkyBox. These cards are 5 x7 and labeled Promo # (1 2 or 3) of 3. If you bought a 6 box case, you got Chakotay, a 12 box netted you Janeway and Chakotay, the third was all three. The lenticulars look realllly nice blown up.
There are 9 Autograph Cards (1:54). Expect to get either a lenticular or auto card per box.
Robert Picardo was allowed to keep some of his cards (ok, 1200) to sign at shows...;) Thanks, Harm!) It has a stamp where the SkyBox stamp usually is: RAP Library of Robert Picardo.

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