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Voyager Profiles


Release date
    Sept 30, 1998
    36 packs/box
Checklist for Voyager
Scan of two page Sell sheet
VP Press Release
Thumbnail-click for larger image
    Make-up artist cards 1:4
    Alien Tech 1:6

20 autograph cards (one per box)
   Contest phrase was to spell Star Trek Voyager. The Y card was limited to 50 and was inserted into packs. If one found this card, then it could be redeemed for a complete set of autographs.
A VOIDED card was returned to collectors. Initally thought to be limited to 50 as well, it was later found out that, for a time, SkyBox was sending out the card to people who asked. Problem was only the dealers knew and they would get multiple copies of the card and sell for high prices. Eventually, SkyBox stopped this and no longer sent out the Voided cards. This left the I card fairly uncommon, the Y and V more common and the C very limited.
7 of 9 insert sets
1:8 with the 7th card as a mirror type 1:144 packs (4 boxes). The 7 of 9 nine card subset has an embossed image of 7 of 9 on each card, interesting touch!
The mirror 7th card isn't quite as reflective as the TOS II cards.
Captain's cards 1:720 This card is a plastic card overlaid with cardboard..the cardboard has Janeway and some of the side designs, the plastic underlay has the ship and star field. The Captain's card is hand-numbered XXXX out of 1200. After the release of Voyager Profiles, the Captain's cards (Kirk, Sisko and Picard) were redone as they were a bit dark. Some sets of all 4 of the cards made it out into the marketplace, unnumbered and darker if compared to the redone sets.
promo card
A variation on this auto card. The one on the left did not make it all the way through the inking process!

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