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Voyager Season One Series One Set

Similar to the Episode Collection, these sets follow an episode format, three cards per episode. Voyager Season One, Series One was released in 1995 and consisted of 98 common cards.
Thumbnail-click for larger image Information 
P1 (these were pulled from packs and should be considered part of the common set)
T1 (these were pulled from packs and should be considered part of the common set)
Skymotion-small USS Voyager
Skymotion-large mail-in
Doctor hologram (thanks, Bill!) There are many who feel there are two variations of this card, an orange and a green. Having seen many of these cards, I can say there are some which appear more one color or another, but it seems to be more of a production issue.
expand-a-card offer set of three (pulled from packs)
set of three expand a cards X-1 to X-3 came in a cell pack.

set of 9 spectra cards S1-S9
exchange card

survey card


uncut sheet of 9 (there is an unknown number of error printings where the spectra did not get appiled)
N1 From NSU
C1 From Cards Illustrated
mini-press sheet of 4 (found in MS I and II mini-boxes)

Voy 1 Series II

Voyager Season One, Series Two followed in 1995 and consisted of 90 cards

Also included in this set:

Thumbnail-click for larger image Information 
recipe set of 6 R1-R6 recipe cards (scratch and sniff)
spectra cards-set of 9 S1-S9
Embossed set of 9 E1-E9 (thanks, Bill!)
pop-up set of 9 P1-P9 (thanks, Bill!)
Skymotion-small (Janeway beaming up)
Skymotion-large mail-in
tattoo- color variations exist.
trivia sheet
ad for water globe
survey card
exchange card


6-card sheet with samples of the cards and inserts

NSU Gummie Card

MBNA Voyager #0
Dealer Poster

Voyager Season Two

Voyager Season II is a set of 99 cards and was released in 1996. SkyBox misnumbered the insert as part of the common set. This frazzled some collectors....;)

Strange New Worlds cards-set of  3 197-199
Xenobio-set of 3 cards 191-193
24th Century Tech-set of 3 194-196
Holodeck cards-set of 3 

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