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Autographs Abound in Star Trek: Voyager Profiles Trading Card Series
One Hand-Signed Card Guaranteed in Every Box

September 23, Mt. Laurel, NJ . . .On September 30, 1998, Fleer/SkyBox will launch Star Trek: Voyager Profiles trading cards, featuring an autographed card in every box from a starring cast member or guest star of the popular science fiction TV series. The star-studded autograph list is headed by Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), John De Lancie (Q) and more than a dozen other actors. Star Trek: Voyager Profiles marks the continuation of Fleer/SkyBox's new policy of guaranteeing collectors at least one autographed card in every box of Star Trek trading cards.
"The guarantee of an autographed card in every box signifies Fleer/SkyBox's renewed commitment to Star Trek fans and collectors everywhere," says Fleer/SkyBox Entertainment Director Steve Charendoff, "and the list of signers is most impressive. We have received cooperation from the entire current starring cast, as well as a number of major guest actors, including John De Lancie and Dwight Schultz, whose importance to Star Trek transcends Voyager. All of the actors involved have been extremely eager to make this program work for the sake of their fans."
In addition to the autographed cards, the base 90-card set will profile the 10 most important characters since the show made its debut four years ago. Each character will be featured in a nine-card subset. Each subset will consist of 3 Personal Log cards; 3 Reflection cards featuring comments about the character from other characters; one Captain's card with comments from Janeway; one Crew Manifest card, and one Alien Encounter card featuring a significant incident between the character and an alien.

"Since Voyager is such a character-driven show, it only seemed fitting to present a card set in this format," adds Charendoff. "While we could have presented the set in episodic format, similar to other Trek sets, but newer format enables us to explore each character in more detail. All of the major story arcs and subplots will still be covered in detail, but in a different, more interesting way.
In addition to the base set, Star Trek: Voyager Profiles will include the following bonus sets:
Alien Technology -- As the name implies, aliens and their ships are the focus of these cards. Nine cards in all.
Make-up with Michael Westmore -- These cards will feature make-up techniques used by make-up artist Michael Westmore to create Voyager's spectacular characters. Nine cards in all.
Seven of Nine Expose - The newest crew member appears in her own nine-card bonus set. Card #Seven of Nine will be an extra special bonus card surprise.

One Autographed in Every Box -- These autographed cards feature authentic hand-signed autographs from cast members and guest stars including:



Fans will also have another opportunity to win a complete set of the autographed cards by playing the Star Trek: Voyager Autograph card game. Fans who collect game cards to successfully spell out the words "Star Trek Voyager" will win a complete set of the autographed cards. One game card will be included in each 9-card pack.
Star Trek: Voyager Profiles trading cards will be available in 9-card packs for a suggested retail price of $1.99 per pack.

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