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  Women of Star Trek Card Set Have  
  Common Set  
1 Andrea  
2 Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres  
3 Borg Queen  
4 Borg Queen  
5 Captain Kathryn Janeway  
6 Counselor Deanna Troi  
7 Doctor Beverly Crusher  
8 Doctor Gillian Taylor  
9 Edith Keeler  
10 Ensign Ro Laren  
11 Lieutenant Ezri Dax  
12 Vina  
13 Ilia  
14 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax  
15 Kai Winn  
16 K'Ehleyr  
17 Kes  
18 Colonel Kira Nerys  
19 Lwaxana Troi  
20 Leeta  
21 Lieutenant Tasha Yar  
22 Lursa & B'Etor  
23 Martia  
24 Mirror Kira  
25 Mirror Uhura  
26 Nurse Christine Chapel  
27 Lieutenant Saavik  
28 Seska  
29 Seven of Nine  
30 T'Pring  
31 Lieutenant Uhura  
32 Yeoman Janice Rand  
  Heroines of Star Trek  
H1 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax  
H2 Captain Kathryn Janeway  
H3 Seven of Nine  
H4 Uhura  
  Villianesses of Star Trek [sic]  
V1 Borg Queen  
V2 Mirror Kira  
V3 Lursa & B'Etor  
V4 Seven of Nine  
  Sound-In-Motion Cards  
S1 Borg Queen  
S2 Jadzia Dax  
S3 Capt. Janeway  
S4 Tasha Yar  
S5 Seven of Nine  
S6 Mirror Uhura  
CS1 Seven of Nine  
  Autographed Cards  
A1 Denise Crosby as Lt. Tasha Yar  
A2 Sherry Jackson  
A3 Arlene Martel  
A4 Alice Krige as Borg Queen  
A5 Terry Farrell  
  Archive Collection Cards  
AC1 B'Elanna Torres  
AC2 Borg Queen  
AC3 Capt. Janeway  
AC4 Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi  
AC5 Gates McFadden as Doctor Beverly Crusher  
AC6 Nicole DeBoer as Lt. Ezri Dax  
AC7 Nurse Chapel  
AC8 Jadzia Dax  
AC9 Kes  
AC10 Kira Nerys  
AC11 Lwaxana Troi  
AC12 Chase Masterson as Leeta  
AC13 Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar  
AC14 Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine  
AC15 Uhura  
AC16 Yeoman Rand  
  Gold Cards  
G1 Jadzia Dax  
G2 Capt. Janeway  
G3 Seven of Nine  
G4 Uhura  
p-1 Andrea  
p-2 Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres  
p-3 Borg Queen  
p-4 Borg Queen  
p-5 Captain Kathryn Janeway  
p-6 Counselor Deanna Troi  
p-7 Doctor Beverly Crusher  
p-8 Doctor Gillian Taylor  
p-9 Edith Keeler  
p-10 Ensign Ro Laren  
p-11 Lieutenant Ezri Dax  
p-12 Vina  
p-13 Ilia  
p-14 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax  
p-15 Kai Winn  
p-16 K'Ehleyr  
p-17 Kes  
p-18 Colonel Kira Nerys  
p-19 Lwaxana Troi  
p-20 Leeta  
p-21 Lieutenant Tasha Yar  
p-22 Lursa & B'Etor  
p-23 Martia  
p-24 Mirror Kira  
p-25 Mirror Uhura  
p-26 Nurse Christine Chapel  
p-27 Lieutenant Saavik  
p-28 Seska  
p-29 Seven of Nine  
p-30 T'Pring  
p-31 Lieutenant Uhura  
p-32 Yeoman Janice Rand  
p-33 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax  
p-34 Captain Kathryn Janeway  
p-35 Seven of Nine  
p-36 Uhura  
p-37 Borg Queen  
p-38 Mirror Kira  
p-39 Lursa & B'Etor  
p-40 Seven of Nine  
  Extension Set #1  
S1 7 of 9 purple outfit  
S2 7 of 9 pink dress  
S3 7 of 9 blue outfit  
S4 7 of 9 silver outfit  
S5 7 of 9 gold outfit  
  Extension Set #2  
T1 Tsunkatse- 7 of 9  
T2 Tsunkatse- The Rock  
T3 Tsunkatse- 7 of 9 full shot  
T4 Tsunkatse- The Rock  
T5 Tsunkatse- The Rock and 7 of 9  
  Extension Set #3  
G1 Jeri Ryan  
G2 Kate Mulgrew  
G3 Roxann Dawson  
G4 Kate Mulgrew  
G5 Jeri Ryan  
  Misc. Items  
  Empty Box  
  Full Box  
  Uncut Sheet  
  Full Pack  
  Sell Sheet  


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