Each checklist is displayed in this window. The upper section displays information about the set, such as manufacturer, year of issue, etc.
Title: Morris Stickers   Manufacturer: Morris International
Year: 1975   Series: TOS
Category: Stickers   Card Count 66

The next section contains markable items that could be collected for the set, such as wrappers, sell sheets, and display boxes. Any item that is greyed out is not considered to exist for that set.
Wrapper: Uncut Sheet:
Pack: Album:
Display Box: Sell Sheet:
Full Box:
The next section contains four check boxes that can be used to quickly mark or unmark whole sections of the checklist. You must then click the Submit Changes button to have your changes accepted.
Select All Commons Select All Inserts Select Entire Set Deselect Entire Set

Select All Commons will mark all cards with a type of Common.
Select All Inserts will mark all cards with any other type.
Select Entire Set marks all cards in the set.
Deselect Entire Set unmarks all cards in the set.

The final section lists all known cards in the set. The checkbox to the left should be used to mark individual cards. The card number listed is from the actual card, if available, or assigned by the system (usually in lowercase letters) if the card did not have any visible numbering scheme. The Rarity column is used only for gaming cards, and indicates the relative rarity of the card related to others in the set, not the overall difficulty of finding the card. Type puts the cards into a category, so to speak..a common card, promo insert, premium or misc. card. This allows whole 'types'of cards to be selected, esp in the case of the common cards where most people will have the full set.
Have Type Number Description Rarity
Common 1 Running From The Past
Common 2 Old Emotions
Common 3 Welcome Aboard
Common 4 A Change Of Plans
Common 5 Phasing Through Time
Insert S2 Legends Meet
Insert S3 The Greatest Legacy
Insert F1 Renegades
Insert F2 Fragile Alliance
Insert F3 Escaping Reality
Promo S1. Promo Card
Premium r-1 SkyMotion Exahange Card
Premium r-2 SkyMotion Card
Premium r-3 Large SkyMotion Card
Misc m-1 Cinema Collection Ad Card
Premium r-4 Generations Copper Card
Premium #0 Star Trek MasterCard Credit Card

Now that the checklists reflect your needs, click on the Needs List (found under the Info Tab). Checkmark the catagories of cards you collect and then click on Display checklist. This will create a personalized Needs list that you can print out and take to shows or whatever. By keeping the needs list current, the program will ignore those types of cards you don't collect and only print out those you are interested in.  

If there are any more questions, please email Lynne