This Web Site offers an online upgradeable checklist of all known Star Trek cards. Here you can maintain your ST checklists, which will be stored online here and can be printed out for your records.

All the main Star Trek card checklists are listed in the left hand frame and can be sorted by using the tabs at the top of the menu (links for the non-java people). labeled Year Co. Cast. You can then mark the specific cards you have. These files are saved and are accessible only to you with the use of your password. If you give your password to someone else, they can edit your checklists. Any changes I make to the checklists will be reflected in your personal checklists. You can then mark them as a have or start the hunt. Selecting the Info tab will take you to various help topics and the pages to view and print your needs and haves list.


You will need a code will allow you full access to the checklists within. Email me at lynne@jklm.net  have access to our online checklists!

If you wish to change this password, click here.

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