For the Java users:

The Java menu in the frame to the left controls which checklist is displayed in this window. There are four tabs along the top which display different menus:

Year - All Star Trek sets displayed by Year of Issue.
Co. - All Star Trek sets displayed by Manufacturing Company.
Cast - All Star Trek sets displayed by Series Cast (TOS, TNG, etc)
Info - Options for Online Help, Account Information, etc.

After selecting the desired tab, the appropriate menu will be displayed. Each category of Star Trek sets will contain entries that can be expanded with a single-click on the category line.

If there are more entries in the menu than can be displayed, the scroll-bar at the right edge of the applet will become active. To scroll through the menu, click on the grey bar and hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse up or down as desired.

A single-click on the set name will then display the complete set checklist in this window.

A single-click on a previously-expanded menu item will close the entries under that item, and make the menu smaller and easier to navigate.

For the Non-Java Users

We have removed the non-java links. Sorry ;) After all this time, most people should have java. It was kinda new when we started ;)